I think I was blaming T1D for too much

So I was diagnosed with T1D right at the end of college, right before I got married, and right as I started moving around the country for a few years chasing those first few jobs. And right before diving into high risk pregnancies and motherhood (all super new to me bc I did not grow up babysitting or around babies or anything).

I think hitting those life transitions right at the same time that I got handed this admittedly life altering diagnosis muddled some things for me.

I felt that life was super rigid and based around shot schedules and “right” restaurants, “right” friends who would understand bg concerns, “right” everything.

The other week I was asked out to a girls’ dinner with some new people by a professional colleague. So it was a lot of firsts for me bc I hadn’t really crossed that personal boundary yet with the woman who asked me to join them.

I was brave and went. It was the first time I’ve dove into something that socially new for me in a long time…partially bc of the pandemic, but also bc of working motherhood and very tight life scheduling.

I realized that my hesitation to going out wasn’t bc of my T1D as I had previously thought for a lot of years…it was bc I was nervous about being a good addition to their established group. That’s a social concern, not a T1D concern.

Anyway, we had a great time and we’re scheduled to hang out again in a few weeks. Bc working moms have to plan that far out. :slight_smile:


I think you are awesome to hang out with. You’d be a good addition to any group.

You have nothing to worry about if you are just your normal self. You are a very fun person, and you are also insightful and smart too.




@Eric does this suggest there’s a butt podding alter- @T1Allison that we haven’t met yet? Now I’m super duper curious because the @T1Allison I read about on FUD has a very interesting diverse life, so by extension the alter- @T1Allison 's life is gonna be a humdinger that I for one can’t wait to hear about, lol!

Glad you had a great time Allison! It’s good to get out and not only make new friends but occasionally examine the boundaries we set for ourselves. Hope you have even more fun the next time :grin:


@T1Allison Good for you! Get out there and enjoy the rest of life! And thanks for having the courage to say, “Hey! I might have been wrong!” and taking a chance.


Way to go! When it comes to socially new, the more the better. Society and lifestyle seem to push us into setting social boundaries, which maybe is fine for fostering close friendships. But going outside those boundaries is necessary to broaden our minds, enrich our lives etc. It can get boring staying in our bubbles, one never knows what is out there.