I guess we've been lucky all these years?

We’ve been podding for a long time now and I don’t recall ever getting this occlusion error before. It was mid-bolus for a meal. At least now I know what the error looks like. :laughing:


That’s amazing that it’s your first one!

I don’t get them a lot, but I’ve seen several. They usually occur between 2am and 5am. :joy:


Huh, I’ve never gotten this error. Of course, now that I know about it, I’ll probably get one tonight at 3am! lol


How do you handle something like this mid bolus?

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Honestly, I did nothing. Because we loop, any insulin he might have missed out on, Loop would have compensated for if a rise started occurring. I just changed the POD and checked to see if a manual bolus was recommended in Loop, gave it and just watched his BGs.

I could have (i believe) seen, through Apple Health and Loop, the amount that was delivered before occlusion, but I didn’t even check it.