Carbohydrate-last meal pattern lowers postprandial glucose and insulin excursions in type 2 diabetes

The subjects in the article were type 2 diabetics. However, I think the carbohydrate last meal strategy is a good one for all types of diabetics. It takes time for insulin to peak. The presence of protein and fats slow down the absorption of carbohydrates (which are typically faster)

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I’ve been saving my carbs for last, usually eating my protein first at mealtime. This method of eating, together with diligent pre bolusing, my a1c has decreased from 6.8 to 6. I hope to get my A1C below 6 - although the doc wants me at 7.

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One of the tricks to improving control is knowing when to listen to the doc, and when not to listen to the doc…

Good luck on your quest!

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Is that the only change you made, or did you also change what or how much you ate or how you prebolused or something else?

We must have the same doc. :confounded:

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The short answer is I have not changed what or how much I eat.

For breakfast, I have the most control over pre bolusing. I have basically 3 go to breakfast menus. For the other meals, or snacks, I may not have control over food choices and times. Therefore, I tend to believe that eating my protein first at mealtime probably has had the greatest positive impact on my BG and A1C. The sweets (dessert or fruits) are usually at about 1.5 - 2 hours after bolusing.

On some days, I’m just so happy that my pre meal BG comes in at 84, and I feel terrific, not jittery.


If you ever decide to go with your physicians recommendations, it would be interesting to see what would happen to your A1c if you reversed the order and ate the carbs first.

Not a chance. Carbs work very fast, often 15 to 30 minutes.
In the beginning, when I knew nothing, and the world was a dark dark place, I bolused and ate. What a disaster. The doctor’s advice at that time was, use the novolog when I would eat a “carb heavy” meal. There was no education on carb counting, pre bolus, I:C ratio. Shaking my head.