How to create wiki posts ("wikis")

This capability is one of the neatest features of Discourse, our forum software! It allows “regular” members (trust level 3 and above) to create posts (wikis) that are editable by any other regular member, for the purpose of creating a master summary of important information. Here is how:

  • Create the post
  • use the appropriate formatting
    ** bold headings
    ** copy-paste the triple line and last wiki line “End of wiki ---------- comments start here” from an existing wiki
  • Include a Resources or References section at the end
  • Save the post in a wiki subcategory within the appropriate category
  • On the post, on the bottom right-hand side, select the “…” icon, and click on it
  • Select the wrench
  • Under the wrench drop-up, select “Make wiki”
  • Tag the wiki “wiki” (that is the only way we can find wiki posts outside of the wiki TOCs)
  • Add a link to the wiki in the wiki subcategory TOC

End of wiki ---------- comments start here


I’m glad you posted this. I definitely want to do one for the calibration factor, but I’m not quite ready yet. I do have a question though about how this works in general. When you create one, is absolutely anybody able to edit it? I guess I’m trying to understand exactly who, within the group or not, would have that capability…

Just saw you posted this 12 months ago… so I’m glad you posted this 12 months ago then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Nickyghaleb you’re welcome. 12.months ago… Lol (even though I had nothing to do with it :grin:)

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Only people who are level3 (regulars) can edit a wiki, so that is not too many people, and all of them have been around for a long while.

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@elver, you’re awesome and an inspiration. Thank you for saying you’re welcome. :grin:

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@Michel, then I would be fine with that. I was not even afraid of the people within the site editing as much as I was afraid that people from outside it could. I’m not being uptight. My concern is that I do use my calibration factor for something different than what is available on the net right now. I still have a lot of information to hammer out, but I know at this point what its potential is… at least in what I’m able to do with it. I just don’t want to post something and have people edit it to fit current available information. If that makes any sense…

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Then why not just set it up as the first post of a new thread? This way you would be the only one able to edit it: safer that way!


Oh, that’s nice. :ok_hand:

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