How to apply Flonase (Fluticasone) for adhesive allergy

Hi, friends.

Lately, I’ve been having some pretty significant discomfort with the Omnipod adhesive. I’d estimate this has been happening for at least the last 12 months, but it seems to have become worse lately. The rash after removal is lasting longer, and the itching has intensified. As a point of comparison, the Dex adhesive doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

My question is when trialing flonase generic spray on the site before applying the Pod, is there such a thing as too much spray?


I used Flonase under my pods for quite a while last year. I asked multiple CDEs if there was a downside risk to my skin by spraying Flonase on it routinely (I thought I’d read about skin thinning or discoloration somewhere I never found again), and they said they were unaware of any issues.

I ended up wiping down the outside of a sandwich bag with an alcohol wipe to sanitize it, let it dry, spray a couple sprays of Flonase on the bag, and then wipe it generously on the area where I would put the pod. This gave me even distribution and full coverage which was hard to get when spraying directly from the Flonase, especially laterally, onto my skin.

I hope that helps…unless I misunderstood the question.


Oh, thank you! This is precisely the kind of info I was hoping for. I was standing in the pharmacy trying to picture HOW to get the sprayer to work laterally.

Great tip!


@Irish, we have never run into trouble when using Flonase yet (we don’t do it regularly). We do make sure that the skin is absolutely dry before going to the next step (which is typically a barrier adhesive for us—we use SkinTac).

I’ve been doing this lately too, and using tegaderm below my g6. Both have helped some

Just trying iv 3000 instead of tegaderm as I’ve read some people have more protection from it.

But wanted to add this because it just surprised the heck out of me.

I just applied flonase to a dex site and wiped it around with my fingers— then I forgot to wash my hands and checked my blood sugar a few minutes later— it read like 250+, which was way out of pattern so I washed my hands and checked the other hand that hadn’t gotten flonase on it and it read 110— so clearly that stuff can highly throw off a test strip if there is any residue of it on your fingers