How do you use Mastisol?

I’m allergic to Skin Tac, so bought some Mastisol in hopes of using it as an alternative on my pump and (mostly) CGM sites.

I should have looked at the size more closely when I purchased it. It looked the same as a bottle of Skin Tac, and cost about the same amount. So I was a bit surprised when it arrived today and I found it was a teeny tiny little bottle with no applicator.

So how do you apply it? What do you use? Do you put it down before or after alcohol? Can you put it over top of adhesive (such as Dexcom’s) and have it soak through and adhere like Skin Tac?

(I do still have some Skin Tac wipes, so I’m going to try them over top of the adhesive with having first put down Cavilon to see if I can tolerate it that way.)

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@Jen here’s my process:

  • clean area with alcohol
  • let dry then depending on type of Mastisol bottle, i either
    * spray a fine mist over the area I am applying whatever
    * invert the bottle and make a light coating on my skin in the area I want to cover
  • let dry until tacky (2ish minutes)
    *apply cgm sensor, grif grip, or whatever needs the barrier and adhesive help.

I have also used Mastisol for touch ups with less success than for an original application. I have also tried to do the soak thru method with limited success since it takes longer than i want to hold it to dry.

I also use Detachol to remove the Mastisol as IMHO it’s quite sticky. Stickier that the Smith & Nephews.

Don’t let the small bottle fool you. I have 2, 1 at work and 1 at home and I have yet to finish either over the last 12 months. Detachol on the other hand I go through very quickly as I use significantly more and for more purposes like removing infusion sets.

@Jen i hope you find success and no irritation with this product.


Fingers crossed that you aren’t allergic to this one. :crossed_fingers:


I use a Q-tip to apply Mastisol. I’ve only used it for regluing sensor tape that’s starting to peel up around the edges. I apply the Mastisol to the skin and underside of the tape, never tried soaking it through from the top.