High School and Beyond Class

Well, we were able to attend our son’s high school and beyond class, and all in all it was a good experience. It is meant for high school kids as they transition to owning all parts of their care.

The topics covered included:

Safe Driving tips
How Alcohol affects diabetics and if you choose to drink how to do it safely
How common drugs affect diabetics
Sick Day Protocol
HbA1c’s how to interpret and what the groups goals for adults are
Pregnancy effects, expectations, dangers of conceiving with a high A1c
Depression, how it affects diabetics, how to identify, when to reach out for help etc.

While not much of this info was new to us, it is always good to get a refresher.


That is a really cool curriculum! I hope we’ll find such a class where we land when we get back to the States.

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Wish I would of had aclasslike that.


Me too! And I am not diabetic :slight_smile: