Hi has any used Novalin R from Walmart in an insulin pump?

Has anyone used Novalin R from Walmart in an insulin Pump instead of Novalog?

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We have not, but I am sure someone will be along shortly who has.

If this is primarily due to cost you may want to look at these resources on our site:

If this is because you are trying to achieve a medical goal and Novalin R is the best choice the so be it.


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I started pumping in 1996 with regular insulin, maybe for the first 3-4 years until the newer insulin were available.
Currently I use Novolog.

Regular will work, but your pump settings would be different to match the slower action, and longer duration of regular.

Do you currently use Novolog with pump ?
Have you used Regular before ?
Do you pre- bolus ?
Do you eat low carb?

You will likely have to make different pump settings, longer times for pre bolus, and carbs will be more challenging to match Regular insulin action.


Thanks , by the way I couldn’t figure out how to add my picture! We may be loosing our insurance and my daughter and I are both T1D’s so it’s gonna be expensive :cry:

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You may be able to cut costs by going to MDI with Basaglar and Novolog or Humalog from Canada. I know it would still be expensive, but hopefully not out of reach. It would also cut out the pump supplies costs.

Sorry you’re having to go through this. There is really no excuse for the high analog insulin prices we are paying in the US.


I haven’t used R in a pump, but it sounds quite challenging. Do you have a lot of pump supplies? If not, it may be less expensive to order analog insulins through Canada. One of the links Chris listed has tons of useful information about this.

Welcome to the site! I’m sorry you’re facing this! I hope some of the posts here can help you find ways to manage without insurance.


@Cindym, welcome! I am really sorry to read about your possibly losing insurance :frowning:

Beyond the excellent links posting by @Chris, you may want to consider this one as well:

It is in process and will get some more development in the next few days.

I would ask the same thing as @Katers87: a pump may be an expensive option without insurance. MDI may be a more affordable way?

We also have some links in the Vendors section about Canadian pharmacies.

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Thank you so much for the great info! Yes I do use Novalog in my pump right now. I normally bolus as I eat so I understand pre bolusing (30 min) prior to meal. I would definitely have to tighten up on the carbs. I guess worse scenario is going back to shots.


@Cindym. Actually, some PWD’s (myself included) much prefer MDI to a pump. And control is really not any more difficult with MDI. My A1c on MDI stays between 5.5 and 5.8, and I certainly don’t starve myself.


@MM2, what is most different about using R in a pump?

What was most different for me at that time was not using NPH anymore. I was also taught carb counting, and with pump and Regular only, was able to bolus for each meal and snack, rather than only using Regular for breakfast and dinner. That in itself was a big improvement.

I had not been told to pre bolus or check BG after meals, only did corrections at the next meal via the pump wizard calculation. Back then I was a “good” patient and always followed doctors orders. I had not read pumping books or found online or in person support from others on pump. And my reward was A1C in the 8-9 range, instead of zigzaging in the 10-14 range.

If I had to switch to regular today, I would do a much longer pre-bolus, pay out of pocket for Afrezza if possible. I might run a higher basal so I could make “corrections” (to treat/prevent low) more often with frequent mini snacks, rather than waiting forever for a regular correction to kick in to correct a high.


@Cindym, I love your new pic!

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This is all such great information! I have a bit of time to figure this out but I’m actually thinking about going back to shots!! I’ve been pumping for 14 yrs and I think I may be ready for a change. I’ll have to figure this out though for my daughter as well, who I know will want to stay on the pump. You all are so amazing❤️❤️