Help with Plan to create a Bed Shaker/Light Alarm triggered from Dexcom Urgent Low

Do you wake up to light?I am thinking there should be some way to rig up the lights to turn on based on alarms. I can imagine if you got one that was very bright – the kind that have a clamp – and then angled it straight into your face, that might help a bit?

We have struggled with the same problem and ultimately for us, getting some sleep was the only solution :frowning:. Once Colin started sleeping through the night I started waking up to the alarms again. We are also doing shifts on some nights so that I go to sleep really early (like, really early, sometimes 8:30pm) and then my husband goes to sleep around 1am, and so I have an easier time getting up to alarms at night between 1am and 5am.

But I would love if @Chris can figure out this setup because it would be hugely helpful on those nights when I am just so sleep deprived I snooze through hours of alarms.

I can’t sleep with any light so my eyes are always covered. It has to be sound or feel to help in my situation. I’m the only one that wakes up in my house. I don’t know what three straight hours of sleep is like anymore. But you get used to it. I just want to hear more sounds… Not less. The ones I miss always cause the biggest hight and lows.

You probably need a robot that will rip off your sleep mask when the alarms go off without you waking, haha.

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That would definitely do the trick. Lol