Happiness is a good night's sleep and a cup of coffee

Nights have been rough lately, with my son going back to school and starting on a pump. He has been experiencing many night lows that I am working hard to fix – the consequence, for me, has been staying up the past 4 weeks until 4-5am every night.

The night before last was particularly bad, and I was still up at 5:30am. Last night I felt so tired that I asked my wife to take on the night for me, and turned in before midnight.

This morning, after waking up, I sat on my porch for a few minutes, savoring a hot mug of coffee, feeling well rested (an impression only, I know). I felt serene and content.

Happiness does not need much :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for the late nights. :frowning: Not at all the same thing outside of getting sleep, but my son gave us a 5 hour stretch of sleep the past two nights, so I can relate on feeling well-rested!


I know you can’t drink coffee, so sorry!

Can you drink decaf?

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I hope things get better for you soon my friend. But you are so right…for me, no matter how tired I am, waking up and sipping a cup of coffee on the porch (in the country…I don’t think this experience would be fun in the city), is refreshing for the spirit.

You are so right. Happiness is a place! Rich and poor alike can get there.

I certainly hope you’re able to get everything back in order soon, though, because I know how taxing for the body, mind and soul that having these non-stop lows can be.

My families thoughts are with you. If there’s anything we can do to help lesson the stress, let me know!


Unfortunately not, but I’ve discovered the Crio Bru actually gives me a (mental and physical) energy boost, so I drink that on days my husband is at work and I’m alone with the kiddos (I’m too cheap to drink it every day).


You’ve got to somehow find a path to some balance in all of this… it is not sustainable to stay up all night every night indefinitely…


Hopefully this is just a result from a change in routine/schedule that will work itself out soon. The first day (or first few weeks for a diabetic) can’t be easy since they are a) not staying up as long as they might have been during the summer which throws off everything else…meals, bodies schedule, etc., and b) the body/mind are now being introduced to a whole new number of stressors that didn’t exist during the summer time (tests, exercise, homework, etc., etc.,) It sounds like this would make managing D harder…or…DIFFERENT…and that the “new routine” just needs to be adapted too by @Kaelan’s body. I think once he’s over the initial shock that this new schedule has introduced to his body, things will get easier.

I hope so anyway!


Sorry to hear about the tough nights. You are an inspiration and a wonderfully dedicated parent! Kudos

Musings about drinking coffee on the porch reminded me of our recent trip to the UP (upper peninsula) of Michigan. I’ve not been that relaxed in a very, very long time.

Thought I’d share a few shots of where I enjoyed my morning Joe.


Oh, what a fantastic place for that!

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Amen to that Michel.

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