Hangry vs. Low

I’ve noticed that when I haven’t eaten in three or more hours, I start to get pretty hangry.

And it feels in my brain the same way that a low feels, even when I’m not low. Every single time.

It feels like the front part of my brain is being pulled apart and I can’t concentrate until I get food.

Does anyone else ever feel this way? I’ve been this way my whole life. To the extent that my family always joked when I was a kid (well before my Type 1 days) that, “We need to keep Allison fed and watered or watch out!”


My mom always observed the I had a “time-clock tummy”. Between 4 and 6 I find that even the cat chow (grain-free!) is starting to look good and that I can’t eat another dang non-starchy vegetable. A few almonds or cheese crisps usually helps…


I have been playing around with intermittent fasting a little and it is very interesting the feelings that your body throws at you when you don’t feed it on a predictable schedule. I wonder what happens when you push through the first hangry feelings, do they persist or go away? For me, they tend to go away after 30-45 minutes.


I’m going to do some basal testing tomorrow so I guess I’ll find out!


I’m 4.5 hours since my last meal.

I’m quite irritable. My brains feels pretty foggy and like it’s pulling apart in front.

I’ll suck it up and collect as much basal test info as I can because I’m in a really good bg spot right now…and my afternoons and evenings have been all over the map for forever which is far more troublesome now that I’m at extracurriculars every evening with my kiddos.

So I am whining. But as a data point, at 4.5 hours in, my head feels low but I’m 130 right now. So weird.


I’ve never been so pissed to have a fasting basal test go well. I watched by bg from 2:30PM-9PM (finished eating by 10:30AM). Overall I had a slow decline in my numbers but I’d consider my basal rates a pass for hormone reasons.

So. I’ve probably just been effing up my meal bolus calcs and timing for forever. Facepalm.


At least you now know. Nothing wrong with screwing up a meal bolus or 10. Basal testing is critical!