Good book for 4 to 5-year-olds on T1D?

So today while picking up Samson from daycare, I had to field a million questions from a curious little classmate about why Samson “has to eat sugar all the time” and “why his blood sugar needs to be high” and “why he can’t eat as much sugar as everyone else.” and “what happens if his blood sugar is too low”

I was in a hurry and really wasn’t thrilled to have to answer all these questions on the spot, but this is not the first time one of his little buddies has asked various questions. It’s made me realize I need to do some kind of education for Samson’s class.

At this point I have neither the time nor the inclination to go in and do a presentation (I hate public speaking EVEN TO FOUR YEAR OLDS), but I thought that maybe gifting the class a good, age-appropriate book about Type 1 could help with most of their questions.

Any suggestions? WE got some free books about Coco and T1D from our endos at diagnosis, but I don’t think those are available for purchase on Amazon, etc., and they’re pretty boring.

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I purchased 4 or 5 children’s books and I really didn’t think any of them were that great to be honest. Of the ones I ordered, probably I Have Diabetes was the best…but I felt most of them were just Meh.

Sorry you’re experiencing this right now. I wish I lived close enough, I’d happily go give a speech! I LOVE talking (not that anyone noticed or anything like that). :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re 4 or 5, so it should be an easy enough crowd. I’d just volunteer to field their “tough” questions if I were you and face it head on! That’s just me, though.

Good luck with however you decide to proceed with it!

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