Gold Bar under Omnipod 5 graph - question

Hi again everyone.
I reset my Omnipod five and I’m on the first pod since doing so. Things are looking substantially better. But yesterday afternoon was the first and only time since starting the Omnipod five in October that I went to look at the micro boluses to see why my sugars were rising and I pulled up the graph to see for the very first time the gold bar saying I had reached maximum insulin. This has never come up before. So this morning I was higher upon waking that I wanted, and went back to look at the micro boluses, and sure enough between 331 and 4:31 AM, The gold bar was there again where it must be stopping my insulin. The thing is, when I add up all the micro bolus is for the hour. They are still well under my max basal per hour rate. I went ahead and changed that up a little bit more, but am wondering what is going on. I did call Omnipod before going for my exercise this morning but she needed to refer me up to a higher level and they will call me back in the next day or two or three. Meanwhile I can tell everything is going much better, but there’s no way I’ll be notified when this thing comes up, so I only find it retroactively. In my basal rate settings, by the way, I use .6 units per hour, and in my real life I believe .5 is more accurate, but for OP5 this seems good. I had my max basal per hour set to 1.5 units and now moved it to 1.8. Any idea what this is? I am learning so much that I just cannot let things lie as I try to understand. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry but I was not able to conclusively figure out why the graphs will sometimes say you reached max dosage. It happened to me but only once many months ago and I did not bother calling to ask Insulet. So maybe yours will quit doing that after 1 or 2 more pods?

The highest micro bolus/basal I’ve seen so far is 0.4 U/hr and only for short bursts when BG was AFU high. The graph did not say I was at max dosage for those events. I increased the setting for max basal rate to a pretty big number which might explain why the max dosage has not occurred for me for a long time.

Just FYI - Omnipod folks said it is because I was technically on pod 1 with my reset, so it is more conservative then and it is not looking just at max basal or basal rate, but other stuff in its own algorithm. Now we know! My customer service experiences with them have been awesome. This time, the rep who called me back, Amanda, spent probably 50 or more minutes with me and my data and questions and is even going to bring up some of our conversation to her group meeting. They seem proactive about things like maybe making extended bolus a feature in automated mode. Also, I did learn that people like me who desire very tight control are not at all in the majority. So maybe over time they can differentiate the way they work with people by this and even offer more radical suggestions. Who knows? But I wanted to let y’all know. I should be on pod 2 post reset, but am on 3 because at bedtime I felt the wet insulin on the adhesive and had to do a change since who knows how much got in. One part of lower back works fine, but other seems to get smooshed or pinched where the cannula must cone out. Sad - only lasted a few hours. But this reset seems to be way better than starting from scratch (with newer setting having been put in), so I look forward to see how it is doing after 2 weeks or so when it is learning the new me. Alrighty - have a great day!