Going back to school with delta circulating

Well, Samson went to school today, the first time in 18 months. I am somewhat terrified about delta circulating, but the other option, taking him out of school as all his classmates go back, would not have worked for him. I was really hoping FDA would approve the vaccines for under 12s soon, so that we could get him vaccinated for the start of the school year, but now they want more data.

I tried to get him the most protective masks I could and am crossing my fingers he stays safe!

What are other parents doing on this one?


I really feel for you. Both of mine were old enough to get vaccinated, which is a good feeling as they both start classes (college) in a few days.


All of ours have been home since last March and we have no plans on sending them back until they are all vaccinated. Our kids don’t have the same “social anxiety” that many kids in single child homes have (which I totally understand). Ours 6 boys are very active with each other and keep that social checkbox checked with each other.

Are they / will they suffer some academically? Probably. Do we care? Not at all…they’ll all catch up in due time once again when they can do so safely. This was already our stance pre-delta and has even amplified by 1000% since Delta. It’s just not a risk we will take. But I understand every house is different and what works for us may not work for others - we are both able to work 100% remotely and have no childcare needs.

Our family wants desperately to be able to do something with us for Thanksgiving because ALL OF US except the youngest ones (for me, it’s Kaiden - 3, Quinn - 5 and Liam - 7) are fully vaccinated, but with the threat of fully vaccinated being able to contract and pass on to young ones and with the increased health issues that Delta is causing for the very young, unlike the Alpha strain - we told them it probably won’t happen. Even if FDC approves emergency use in 5 - 12 for Prizer, that still leaves my youngest one unvaccinated so we will continue waiting it out.

We’re like everyone else…we would love to stop wearing the masks, stop worrying about getting close, giving hugs and kisses to family and generally socializing…but to us, it’s all short term pain for long term gain.

That’s what the Martins are doing!