Glycemic Index - how "reliable" is it

I wish to know, how “reliable” are the guidelines? Have you found, for example, pumpernickel bread to spike BG less than baguette (yummy)? apple is less likely to spike than banana? I like beans and nuts. They have low GI - but I haven’t successfully tamed beans. About two decades ago, I was able to eat some rice and beans, chili. It felt nice, I didn’t feel hungry. I haven’t been able to match beans with insulin.

Does anyone else like beans and chili? How do you bolus for them?The slow release is nice.


Can we talk about “over bolus” or “double bolus”? It makes a lot of these foods very easy.

The general idea is that you don’t worry about matching the carbs and insulin exactly. Instead you give more insulin than is needed for what you are about to eat - which reduces the spike but can cause you to go low later on. You then feed the extra insulin for an hour or two with bonus food until the insulin is gone.

This is brief description. I think I did a better post somewhere but I can’t find it. Let’s talk about it sometime.