Getting a new T-slim? You may want to wait

If you are considering switching to a t-slim, or your warranty has expired, and you are buying a new one, you may want to wait until 4th quarter when Control IQ is supposed to be released.

After seeing the * and superscripts on Tandem’s website regarding software updates, and reading the fine print at the bottom of the page, I called Tandem yesterday. The details at the bottom of the web page now says, in regard to “future” software updates for in warranty pumps, “charges may apply.”

On the phone, Tandem wouldn’t actually say they are going to charge for Control IQ. They hemmed and hawed a lot with things like “past updates have been free, but we can’t confirm Control IQ will be free.”

Interestingly, what they would say was:

  1. that there’s a discussion on whether they can find a way for insurance to pay for an update, or if they would have to have patients pay

  2. that the cost would be in the hundreds, not thousands, for a Control IQ update (I couldn’t help but think $999.99 is technically in the hundreds!)

  3. there’s currently no plan to offer a free Control IQ update guarantee for anyone purchasing a t-slim before Control IQ is officially released.

I felt like, based on what they would say, I could read between the lines in what they meant with what they wouldn’t actually say.

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Fair advice, although even if you purchase a new T-slim after they release Control IQ, there is no guarantee that your pump will come with that upgrade. i.e. they may have a non-Control IQ model for a charge your insurance is willing to pay and you might still need to pay the upcharge to get Control IQ then. They have clearly been keeping their options open as they try to get paid for the Control IQ functionality.

There has been some discussion based on other members conversations with Tandem and the Investor calls that the upgrade fee might be in the $300 range. Time will tell…


Can’t argue with the fact they haven’t named their price yet, but I can say I wouldn’t be disappointed if I moved over now and took advantage of Basal-IQ. I’m not even sure yet I’ll be making use of Control-IQ even at the perfect price because, for me, Basal-IQ is nailing it. So moving to t:slim now wouldn’t be for nothing in my mind… and then weighing out options when that time comes.


Selling the t-slim without automatically including Control IQ after it’s approved?? That would be a medtronic mive if I ever saw one!

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I think I’d someone gets the t:slim now, they’re getting basal-IQ, no? And if they get it after it’s available, they’re not paying for the upgrade?

@Nickyghaleb I certainty can’t argue with if you say Basal IQ is nailing it for you. I do feel like the technology is aimed at a specific set of demons though - random/unexplained lows and the rebounds overnight. If the issue is random/unexplained highs, I’d be looking for a system to address that. Currently the Basal IQ doesn’t address this, and the 670g doesn’t address it aggressively. It seems like the best tool on the horizon may be Control IQ, and I’d certainly be disappointed to find out my new t-slim didn’t include that tool.

Correct - they get basal IQ now. Whether or not they get control IQ free, or for a charge, and what that charge may be, is still undetermined.

But once Control-IQ is included in new purchase, the price may go up, so may not be actual savings to wait.

Really will depend on if insurance decides to cover it, and we won’t know that until this baby is released.


Sure, agreed, and absolutely.

On this one I’d just point out an important difference. Basal-IQ also doesn’t seem to cause those highs. This means it’s business as usual taking care not to do the things that cause horrendous highs and having Basal-IQ help make my job easier on the lower end. I know it won’t be true for everyone, but the 670G in both modes really caused some ridiculously high blood sugar. So I do agree that Basal-IQ doesn’t address it, but it’s also ahead of the 670G in that it doesn’t cause it.

With this I do agree completely. I’m not a big fan of false advertising or trickery. I agree that companies should communicate clearly their intentions and follow through with their claims. I haven’t seen anything quite yet that leaves me worried Tandem won’t. A lot of speculation, a lot of rumors, and a lot of questions, yes… and I hope they come back with something reasonable.

I’m late in responding, and I’m responding to you here and over there. It’s an interesting topic.