From Animas to Omnipod - feedback after one month

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I agree. I have used a Freestyle meter for as long as I can remember and used the Freestyle lite before I got the Omnipod. My daughter uses the Contour Next and it requires a lot more blood. I have a large amount of old meter cases, and luckily I happened to find an old case that fits my Freestyle strips, my PDM and my lancing device perfectly, so that is what I am using right now. The case that comes with the Omnipod is huge.

It was a lot of insulin, not just a few drops. It’s almost as if the port was clogged and the insulin had nowhere to go.

Oh, that makes much more sense. We always have a few drops - I’ve been surveying it since I saw your reply. It’s probably normal and your experience was a one-off I hope. :slight_smile: