Freestyle libre: what do you think?

How do people feel about this system, read that it can be used for insulin dosing so must be pretty accurate.

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There have been several discussions, here is one.

Try the search function to see others.

Bottom line is it varies by person. Some feel ok dosing, others not. I use dexcom, and wore Libre 10 day at same time. Most of the time they were close, and I do dose off Dexcom readings most of the time.

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Thanks, want to go to dexcom eventually am looking at cost now.


I like mine quite a bit, but i just picked up the 14 day reader… I’m not sure what to expect yet. I currently wear both the Dexcom and Libre and just use them for different purposes. I will say I was ready to let my 10 day reader prescription just run out, but then I discovered the fact the Libre gives you an updated value every time you swipe. I thought that was cool and realized how valuable it could be to help me keep an eye on things when I’m just not sure what’s happening with my blood sugar. I picked up the new reader and am looking forward to using it during exercise in particular.


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I like mine a lot and find it to be accurate enough for dosing. Also, I think robustness is one advantage. It may not be as convenient as a phone and smartwatch, but it’s also simpler. Somehow, there seems to be fewer things that could go wrong, which is a funny thing for me to say since I’m otherwise a big fan of complicated technical solutions.

The battery life of the reader is a big plus for me. I’ve been in the Scouts for many years and am now a leader for a group of kids, so I like being able to go somewhere over the weekend without having to recharge.

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