Dexcom vs Freestyle Libre accuracy

This user (Jorge) posted a great graph comparing the Dexcom, the Libre and hand-tested BG:

Jorge’s comment:

As you can see in the graph (sorry it is in mmol/l, 10 mmol/l is 180 mg/dl, and 80 mg/dl is 4.4 mmol/l), Freestyle trend is above and Dexcom trend is below, consistently, regardless of 6 calibrations (red dots). The shapes and trends do seem to resemble each other.
Sometimes the differences between the two are above 2 mmol/l , which is 36 mg/dl, enough to cause a false low. For example at around 6 pm, Dexcom was already signalling very low and Freestyle did only give a slight slow. Both Dexcom and Freestyle gave more than their quoted less than 10 % error, consistently… :frowning:

However, Jorge reports that the opensource app Glimp coupled with the Libre got the best results of all:

And the most accurate of the two is:
A free app developed to read Freestyle, was only away by 0.2 - 0.3 mmol/l throughout the whole day!

Here is the original thread on tuD: Many thanks to Jorge for giving permission to report his GREAT post!


A note on Glimp: I have now read comments by several users that say that they get better accuracy with Glimp compared to the original Libre app.

Do be careful that Glimp may brick your sensor in some specific Android phones (the devs are listing some affected models):