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I’m game. Except I don’t have 15 fingers.

Just kidding. Going to do this tomorrow.


My numbers almost always line up the same… My Guardian is low, My Libre is high, and my BG splits them down the middle.


I know you guys were talking about this like 6 months ago, but I wanted to throw a couple of pictures into the thread. I seem to be having a different experience than what I’ve read in here, and since there’s very little user manipulation, it must just be luck of the draw. Generally speaking though, the Libre runs its own pattern and also demonstrates a delay, but it’s a very predictable pattern, making its inaccuracies useful. Rarely is it just “off” for me, and it feels like a much stronger “engine”, closing the lag gap much faster than my Guardian (which is NOT hard to do…a dehydrated, one legged-turtle could beat out my Guardian on a scorching hot day).

but I digress.

Here are my Guardian and Libre graphs (and now to see if I can actually upload them)……………libre1


Anyway, my second one was over night, it was accurate according to my Guardian which I believe to be accurate because of a stable blood sugar. Woke up at Libre 54, Guardian 54, BG 60.


Kudos and Congrats on getting the photo’s included in your post. Very nice overnight track. Am I allowed to say that to a woman in polite company??


If it’s MY permission you seek, you may. :grin: I DID pretty much nail it after all…



Has anyone noticed their sensors not doing well lately? The past 4-5 sensors I’ve used have not been as accurate and also begin to fall off more quickly/easily than before. Or maybe it’s my body and has to do with the heat…?


Dehydration can play a role in any interstitial glucose measurement.

And the thing you often hear to “always drink X glasses of water everyday” is not correct, because you need more when it is hotter and less in the cold. Not the same everyday.


I’m not trying to respond to you, Eric, but I don’t know how else to add to the thread. Just got back from my endo, and she was telling me that the Libre is NOT accurate for lows (which is definitely my experience). I THiNK she said they miss approximately 25% of them. I thought I would add this in because this has absolutely been what I’ve seen. For me, mine reads a bit high, recovers fast from a rebound, but often fails to reflect the lower end. For this reason, she only prescribes it for Type 2s and warns her Type 1s against using it in place of finger sticks.

I’m sure, since this is passing in front of you by chance, you’ll find something to school me on. I halfway enjoy that though. And halfway want to throw something at you…but can’t.


This is what I’ve heard, but its really interesting to me that this is most people’s experiences because I’ve had the complete opposite experience. When my Libre is off, generally it’s lower than my actual BG, and on a couple occasions, it’s caught me heading low before I even felt anything (and I usually feel drops well before I get below 70). Just another YDMV thing, I guess (and so far I think I’m a lone weirdo in this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


I thought about you as she was talking. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It might be worth noting that the Libre sensor only records readings every 15 minutes, which is what the graph shows. Internally, however, readings are taken every minute. This means that the trend arrow can actually provide some additional information and catch changes before they are noticeable in the graph.