FreeAps Riley link not recommending insulin

Pretty much the title, I’m running an omni pod with a Dexcom g6, just swapped the transmitter last night and since then the Riley link hasn’t been recommending insulin. Doesn’t matter if I input 5 carbs or 500. Just recommends I take zero. Because of this, my numbers have been a bit high, getting to be a pain lol. Some help would be appreciated


Your Riley link is only the radio frequency communication device for your loop system so everything speaks the same language. Can you share some pics of your loop screen as well as the screen showing your Riley link information? Is the loop circle green or red? That’s a strange issue to have and I’ve never heard of it but maybe we can figure it out if we can see what you see.

And welcome to FUD!


Hi @Oranger,
Just a guess at what the problem is, but in the Loop app you have to delete your CGM and then add it back with the new transmitter ID.

Did you do that?

And welcome to FUD!