Fatty Liver

I heard about Fatty Liver on a facebook group for diabetics.

Does anyone know what it is? Is it diagnosed through blood tests? liver function blood chemistry?

Generally first noted in abnormal lab results or physical exam of liver appears enlarged (I think) then confirmed with imaging and or biopsy… very common in USA…often caused by excess boozing… just excess fat deposits on liver… also more prevalent in the overweight

Can be reversed in many cases with lifestyle changes… or can proggress to cirrhosis

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My impression is that it would be more linked to T2 (rather than T1), as part of the cluster of metabolic problems—the one person I know with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease also has a family history of T2 and other metabolic problems, and was told to watch his weight and diet (basically given very similar advice as to what would be told to someone in the “prediabetes” stage, with the additional piece to not drink alcohol). He was diagnosed based off of a blood panel I think… there was a little while where he was worried it might be Hep C (he works in a setting where contracting it could happen) or some kind of cancer, so the eventual diagnosis, while not great, was a relative relief.