Falling asleep while working out

While working out an hour after dinner and insulin shot I feel my numbers rise thus become sleepy - feel like a zombie. But I push through it best I can. Anyone else have this battle? Am I doing more harm than good?

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I think it depends on the type of workout and duration. And also how high your BG is getting. Exercising with very high BG is not very healthy, particularly if you are getting dehydrated.

Also if the exercise is at a high enough intensity it can raise your BG even more, and make it even worse.

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Hmm, good points. It’s mostly strength training type. I started at around 170bg so maybe after the pull up bar and dips it goes up? Today was better-stated the workout at 120. Big difference. Still it’s a real pain to keep up at 55yrs old plus ladda…

My son does say he gets sleepy some of the time when he goes high, but only occasionally. Mostly when he is over 300 and wishes the world would go away.

Of course, anything is better with good BG. But strength training would be impacted less by high BG than endurance training.

As a simple illustration, imagine running in a 100 meter race with high BG, and also running in a 10k race with high BG. Obviously, the high BG would not be as much of a factor in your performance in the 100 meter race. But it would have a huge impact on your 10k race.

Obviously, you should do what you can to reduce your BG before you begin. But it’s okay to push through with high BG if you need to.

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