Endo Office Health Propoganda Video: Post Exercise Refueling


Since a major hospital chain took over my endo’s office, we all get to be overstimulated with non-stop health propoganda videos from huge TV screens everywhere. It’s like being stuck in an airport terminal.

One of the videos made me think of @Eric. It said that post-workout refueling should have more carbs than protein…a 3:1 ratio of the two.


My endo’s office must have the word diabetes in 18,000 places. I, too, have thought of @Eric while in the waiting room… because nothing makes you feel more diabetic than 18,000 reminders that you have diabetes. :smiley:

3:1 carbs… so 3 bananas and one block of cheese…:thinking:


Shouldn’t you be working?


If they ever do my blood draw so I can get outta here!! :grimacing:


Oh, you’re there now! :smiley: I pictured you sitting at your desk daydreaming about your endo’s office…


I wish!!

I asked for a sample of Novolog today. My endo came back from the supply room with a sample vial of Fiasp, a sample pen of Fiasp, and a sample pen of Toujeo. That’s sort of like Novolog! :woman_facepalming:

Lab work purgatory is where I’ll be for a while…