Endo checkup

He was 6.9% this time around… Up .2%. I’m not going to beat myself up over it though. My goal is to keep him under 7% until he’s out of his (first) hormonal stage.

New Endo. Long story but she’s great. Anyway, she asked us if we wanted to if to the G6 and I said no. Not at this time. She was telling me something about the cgm and Omnipod able to communicate? Anyone able to elaborate? Not that we would do it even if it were an option…CGM isn’t all that accurate for us at this time. Great for trends and knowing how fast he’s traveling in a certain direction but not in critical info pertaining to dosing.


I think that’s fantastic! I hope to be under 7% in Sept at my next visit. I’d love to be low 6’s but one day at a time.

Good work!


Was she talking about the Dash PDM coming out at the end of the year?

The next PDM release won’t really communicate with the CGM. That will be later, with the Horizon PDM release, probably still 2 years away.

The new Dash PDM coming out next will display info on a phone app, and the phone app will be shareable.

So if he is sharing his PDM with a phone, you could follow and see what he has dosed when he is in school. Basically just like he can share Dexcom data, he can share dosing data, with you or a healthcare provider.

The OmniPod phone app might be able to show both CGM and OmniPod data in the same app, but the PDM won’t really communicate with the CGM in any kind of meaningful way. At least not for a couple years.

I’d be happy to share more of what I know if I missed something. Please ask.


I have heard about the new pdm touch screen. It’s supposidly really nice. Maybe I misunderstood her. When she said it I found it odd because I haven’t heard of any CGM/pod system communicating in any way until then.


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Yeah, I actually think people on diabetes forums know more about pump releases than endo’s do!

The new PDM won’t have a BG meter built-in. It’s just a stripped down and locked Android phone. I think that’s a huge drawback.

Yes the new version is slimmer than the current version, but no BG meter means you have to carry a meter, so it’s just another piece of hardware in your pocket. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess the sharing thing could be good for parents though.

I like my pdm / blood meter in one.


@ClaudnDaye, For what it’s worth, we just switched Samson to the G6 about 15 days ago and so far it’s been fantastic… every time we have finger-checked, it’s been within a few points. That was often not the case with G5; it was usually within 20 to 30 points but could often be wildly off, especially during quick changes. It’s also been less jittery (though I care less about that because they basically retroactively “smooth” past data points to make the curve seem more continuous. The insertion process is a lot easier and the transmitter is a little flatter, which is also nice.Also, people rapidly figured out how to restart G6 sensors so you can now get more than 10 days of wear out of them.

So while your experience is that Dex is only useful for trends, I’d wonder if that would be the same for G6? I get that you guys like to use technology that’s been tested for a while and there’s lots of information out there on it before you upgrade…so here’s one data point so far in favor. Of course, we have only been through 2 sensors so far, so we’ll see how it goes later on.


Thanks @TiaG! You know I value your knowledge and experience and I’ll definitely think hard about it. If you’re having a pleasant experience and you’re having more RELIABLE data, then we’d be silly to not give it a shot…I wonder, if you switch to G6 and don’t like it, or find it worse as far as data goes if you can revert back to G5? Probably not.

Did someone create a wiki or a post on how to get more than 10 days out of the G6? It’s something we’ll definitely consider (switching).

Thanks for the review!

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This is without a doubt the #1 (insertion) and #2 (slimmer trans) reasons that my T1 is really wanting to upgrade to the G6.

I want the G6 so we can use the Tandem Basal-IQ update.

I am also looking forward to the G6 sensor wear-time being extended to 14 days. I expect the Dexcom will likely accelerate their plans for the 14-day extension to be submitted to the FDA based on the Abbott approval (end of July) for 14-days. I would really like to see a Dexcom submission made before the end of the year.

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