Emily’s Exercise BG Thread



I hope your daughter bounces back quickly and you guys can keep it contained! I’ve never used so much Lysol as I did last week during a 5 day GI bug for my kiddo.


Thanks! We use a lot of Clorox wipes in this house, haha…I’m a little neurotic about germs, especially stomach viruses, but this past week has just been a disaster, which my house reflects. :grimacing:


Masks are BIG in Tokyo. When I’ve been working in Japan I always see some being worn in workplaces and on the (always overcrowded) subways. Part of it is a cultural concern about infecting others with germs. But I’m convinced that for some it has become a fashion accessory.


I appreciate that concern…I honestly wish we had a bit more of it here. I have an unusual perspective on preventing the spread of germs because of mine (and loved one’s) health issues, seeing how “simple” illnesses aren’t simple at all for some. I’m the odd one out in most circles, though.

ETA: I will admit I did want my masks to be more “fashionable” than plain black after looking in the mirror. :wink: