Elevated / High Vitamin B12 levels?

Just ran a bunch of labs and found I have an elevated level of vitamin B12. Have heard that metformin (which I am on, the ER version) can affect levels and lead to a deficiency, but have already read briefly on the interwebs that high levels of vitamin B12 can also be associated with diabetes. Surely will discuss at my next doctor’s appointment but that won’t be for another couple of months. For now, anyone else experience this or know anything about it?

Hi @amusesbouche! Welcome to FUD!

There are a lot of possible reasons for having a high B12 test result. Many of them are nothing to worry about.

But there are also some possible reasons why a high B12 can be an early sign of more serious issues. This is probably something that should be discussed with your doctor soon rather than waiting a few months.

It would be a good idea to make a follow-up appointment right away.


Thanks! I did wind up talking to my endo, who said it was not a cause for alarm.