Effect of long distance aerobic exercise in a teenager

Interesting results here. So my son has switched from baseball, where the exercise is short anaerobic bursts, to cross-country which is lots of long distance training runs until the day of the race, when he will have a long anaerobic burst, and the results are interesting.

So Cody has been running 5-7 miles a day for the past week, and while the changes have not been dramatic, it is very interesting to see how this type of exercise is increasing his ability to eat carbs without as high a peak afterward. After noting this, I checked his Clarity data and it doesn’t look much different, but I can say that when he eats a higher carb meal now, he doesn’t tend to have as high a response.

Very interesting, and maybe a plug for long duration aerobic exercise. It will be interesting to see what happens as the season progresses.


Very cool and interesting. My 12-year-old son also started running about 3.5-4 miles a day for the 2 weeks preceding his departure to Costa Rica (our 10-month swimming season is over) and we have seen qualitatively similar results. Definitely to be followed.

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I can vouch for that!

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