Dry skin treatment w/ MDI

For most of my life (long before becoming T1) I’ve had dry, itchy skin in winter, and I occasionally develop little red bumpy patches. Most of the time this was just a minor irritation that I would treat with whatever lotion I had lying around. However, it’s now complicating my injection routine since I sometimes get these spots in places where I inject.

There was a good thread a few years back on moisturizing. I’ve been treating with CeraVe diabetic cream (with urea), as well as with Gold Bond. I’ve also been increasing my hydration and taking shorter, colder showers.

I’ve had mild success with this, but wanted to know if people had other treatment tips. Specifically I’m interested in how people manage injections with dry skin patches. I don’t inject into those spots, for obvious reasons. But is it fine to moisturize otherwise clear areas that I am using for injection? I’d like to do this prophylactically, but I don’t want the moisturizer to irritate the injection spots or cause other issues. (FWIW I also still clean a site with alcohol wipes before injecting–seems like some don’t.)

Thanks for the advice. Been an unusually cold and dry winter here. At least I didn’t travel anywhere on Southwest…


Cool showers sound horrible! I use gold bond cream on my lower legs, maintain skin with bio oil, cetaphil moisturizer and by exfoliating in the shower with a loofa and a non creamy body wash. I always prep a site or injection with an alcohol wipe and don’t put any cream or oil on that spot beforehand. On my feet I use aquaphor and regularly exfoliate with a battery powered sanding tool made for feet.

Hydration from the inside is likely key, but with essential electrolytes, not just water.

Proper clothing and footwear too.

Good luck!


Thanks @jo_jo ! Cool showers are indeed dismal. That foot sanding device of yours is intriguing and a bit terrifying–I just use a simple pumice stone on mine. I have a good electrolyte powder that I take most days. I’ll look into the other products you mentioned too. Much appreciated!


For isolated dry patches, I apply pure shea butter.


@jo_jo Funny you should mention loofa’s, I just read an article about the need to sanitize bath/shower items used for cleaning/exfoliating (I can’t for the life of me remember where it was now). The point: Wash cloths are fine IF rinsed, allowed to dry completely daily, and washed every week; loofa’s (synthetic or natural) needed weekly cleaning (5 min bleach soak + rinse), preferably NOT hung in the bathroom (too damp). I’m all for dumping wash cloths in weekly laundry; I seriously doubt anyone hangs a loofa in other than the bathroom! The problem: The skin cells, relative warmth, and damp environment make for an ideal bacteria and mold growth environment and after day 3, you’re just taking off the old and wiping on the older more problematic stuff. Yes, I’ve drunk the Koolaid, no, I don’t have any scientific proof…but the logic is reasonable…unless you’re using an antiseptic/antibacterial soap which I understand is also bad for us! Sounds like a dam#$% if you do, dam#$% if you don’t situation…perhaps just skin down, go outside, and use the hose…just don’t drink the hose water!


I’m in the northeast (NY), and it has indeed been a very dry and cold season so far. I don’t inject insulin, but I do inject Trulicity 1x per week (I know it’s not the same thing). Anyway, FWIW, I have not found any irritation as the result of moisturizing an injection spot. My only concern would be not to inject immediately after applying cream - but I see no issue with, for example, moisturizing before bed and injecting the next morning. Of course, this presupposes that you can control the timing of an injection, and that might not be a good assumption. But if, as you say, you’re pre-cleaning your injection sites with alcohol, I can’t imagine you have anything to worry about at all. I also agree with @jo_jo - internal hydration is key. It definitely cuts down on the appearance of the truly irritating dry skin patches.

Good luck!

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I usually throw them in the washer/dryer with the towels, which also get bleached about once a week. I also don’t keep them once they get ratty looking. I kind of figured they probably do hold germs hanging in the shower, but I haven’t grown scales yet! Ha ha I’m not too worried, but yeah, they’re probably gross and washcloths are likely better.

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Lol the foot sander device is not as terrifying as it sounds, but I’m not sure what it’s actually called. I laughed out loud reading this…

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I should have included the same article actually advocated using your hands as the best overall. Can’t help thinking it’s a form of self-love…(don’t go there…don’t go there…)!

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