Doctor/Patient terminology

Interesting article about the use of term Patient.

Mentions cases such as health related apps, that are shifting to use Consumer.

How many times have we, the “patient” told the doctor things they didn’t know, but probably should have?

Some diabetes medical practices (in early days) only supported one brand of pump. I didn’t learn of other brands until finding user groups. I was using Medtronic sof-sensors, and no mention from endo that dexcom existed as alternative. Does doctor always know best?


Oh no no no no - the doctor does not always know best! I feel like with this issue the semantics are irrelevant. Just calling me a CONSUMER vs a PATIENT still doesn’t give me what I deserve.

I am the one who decides if your company gets business or not, and it’s not just a few pennies in sales.

The physicians role is to discuss care options and make recommendations. MY job is to decide what I will purchase and from whom. I feel like most suppliers ignore my power in bringing them business.

I have been pumping for about 25 years. I have ALWAYS been given presented with options for pump choices. Had I not, and found out later that I had options, I certainly would have felt the physician either lacked sufficient knowledge, or lacked the understanding that it was MY choice. The physician would have been replaced.

In terms of the semantics, it’s really no different than someone using a pejorative or a PC term. If the PC term is uttered with the same vial distaste as the pejorative, there’s no difference in the word.