Do you use preset bolus numbers in your Omnipod PDM?

Do you have pre-set bolus numbers programmed into the PDM? It’s a lot easier to do that, and less button pushing than scrolling every single bolus up from 0.00 every time.

We have never used preset bolus numbers. Do you mean for specific kinds of foods, or standard meals? I am not sure if this can work with all meals cooked from scratch, but I should look a the data and see. Some things, such as his post-practice snacks, may be possible to enter as presets :slight_smile: It would be nice to punch it faster.

You don’t need to bolus the exact number of the preset. Presets can still be adjusted. You just use it as a starting point for dialing up or down.

You can have 7 presets. Suppose you have them preset at:

Whatever number you want to give, one of the presets is closest to it, and means you don’t need to start scrolling from 0.0

Suppose dinner and correction is 7.2 units. Would you rather scroll there from 0.0, or scroll there from 7.0?


Ow, this is so much faster! I can’t believe we never figured it out!


If you use the presets, the first option is always to enter manually. I use the manual option for numbers like 0.10 or 0.20 units.

And the other presets I just have spaced out evenly from the lowest possible dose to the highest.

So for something like Thanksgiving dinner, I pick the highest preset number and go from there.


No, I don’t use this. I start with the bolus calculator’s suggestion and it only takes a couple of seconds to dial up or down depending on circumstances or hunches. And since I have the bolus calculator turned on, the PDM won’t let me use bolus presets anyway.