Congrats and Welcome to the Omnipod Family!

I just received my confirmation email that my omnipod dash system has officially been shipped!!! Eeeeeee so exciting! I should be receiving my PDM and pods within 2-3 business days. I am just wondering how everyone here did their first time starting omnipod dash. I would love to hear some first-time podder stories and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


That’s great! I use the Omnipod Eros pods and have for about 5 years. I am also a DIY Loop autobolus user so my experience w/ pods will be totally different than your Dash experience.

However, when I first started on Omnipod, I just used the PDM. I found I had to reduce my basal quite a bit from what I was taking w/ Lantus. For me, it was a 50% reduction initially, then as I got used to it, basal crept back up, but still about 1/3 less than Lantus. Exercise, even just walking, greatly effected me on the pod, much more so than using Lantus. I do love the pod though and would not want to return to MDI! Good luck!!


Ty for sharing! I am currently on Lantus as well, and as most of you know am on and off a hot mess with it from time to time lol. I look forward to saying goodbye to it because, though it has helped me, it’s mainly only given me grief. I don’t think I’m going to want to go back to MDI either after this. Just hoping to have a good experience with podding and so I’m going into this without any expectations.

Can’t help being excited to be done with Lantus lows though. :laughing:


Advice I can give, start by trying to not have a change in basal every hour. Start with 4-6 hour blocks as you dial in the bolus. Basal tailoring and fractional (small) doses for food and corrections is a game changer.


Hey Shannon, congrats! That’s great!

I think you can start with an idea of saying something like X units of Lantus is too much at night and not enough during the day (or whatever fits your scenario), and then make very broad segments to have different amounts day versus night. Like even bigger time-gaps than what @Chris mentioned.

Maybe start with only two 12 hour blocks. Like one basal rate at night, and one basal rate during the day. Try to get that dialed in as close as possible first.

After you are comfortable with that, maybe expand it to more time blocks, like maybe 2 blocks during the day and 2 blocks during the night, 4 time blocks total.

I guess another way of saying it is - start with big brush strokes, and then get smaller and smaller.

(Check it out! :arrow_up: No graphs, baby! :wink: )


Figures… the one time I was anticipating one. :laughing: :woman_facepalming: you’ve somehow conditioned me and I think I like graphs now! Noooo.

Big strokes, got it.