DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Okay. Yeah, probably before I started paying any attention.


Off for an easy run… bringing nothing. Now, it’s only going to be on the treadmill, but I usually pack an overnight bag. :grin:


All done. 25ish minutes— 2.5ish miles. RPE of .5… which is an exaggeration, but 2.5 isn’t. I didn’t bother doing any kind of ZB and went in at a 143. I did leave my bag at home— and my meter bracelet (cuz you said to, right??) but then decided last minute to grab a meter and do a finger stick mid-run. Should’ve just worn the bracelet. Anyway, my Dexcom did the same thing as yesterday and went from a 142 at start to a 169 a mile in, which was when my meter showed a 123. I know you don’t want to hear about my dexcom, but I love all the numbers and am enjoying seeing them take on meaning. I’m guessing this happens because the dexcom, which is averaging the last 3/4 readings, is anticipating a continued climb whereas in real life, I’ve taken a sharp turn downward… so it bounces too high while I drop fast— looking like a 50 point difference. :thinking: Maybe??

I could do this all night.

Anyway, I have no idea if that’s what’s happening, but it’s fun to mull over during the run. I had a 20g Clif shot thing about a mile in and finished my run at a 92.

So I know I left my bag at home… good thing I had all those supplies sitting on my treadmill. :grin: Better stick with don’t leave home without it thinking for now. :grin:


You started at 143, did 20g for a 2.5 mile 2.5 RPE, and ended at 92…

That’s a bit troubling. Unless your BG was on the way down when you started.

Like if you had not started running, and tested 15 minutes later, might you have been at 100? Was that drop entirely from the run?

A 51 point drop (143-92), plus 20g for 2.5 miles is a lot. Lemme know if there was something else going on. Maybe no food today? Or all the exercise in the snow?


No, of course there was food. No carbs just before starting though and no basal cut. You said casual… so I was going all the way with casual. I was also running around doing chores before starting… up and down the stairs for laundry and whatnot. I also didn’t run until 5, and that’s the time of day I can see some crazy crashes, so I know … how we doing?? On the explanation??


Ok, that all fits in better. Good to know.


Speaking of inclines… because you were speaking of them in another thread… Am I going to get some before I head off for a race that might have them? Which reminds me I was supposed to find that out… :thinking:


Yes, look at the race sight. Inclines would be good to incorporate. I was avoiding them because they seemed to twinge your hip a bit last time. But we can test them out again.


Okay. It’s the same location as the last race… so some hills. Maybe some long ones. Maybe not. I really only remember 2 hills, but it was a lloooong time ago, and I was walking the path not running.


Nicky, can you update us on your basal and bolus routine before/during/ after?

My son K has not quite figured his out yet. He still drops too much while running. Right now:

  • He takes his basal down -25% 25 minutes before running

  • He runs about 5 miles

  • He brings his basal back up, boluses for his missed basal (25% of his regular hourly basal times the time he ran plus 25 minutes) plus for another 60-80 carbs to refuel.

But he typically has to take 12-20 carbs while running to remain flat. Then he often goes high after his run.


@Nickyghaleb, I’m on my treadmill right now and just spilled my drink everywhere while I was drinking it. Thought of you! :heart:


:rofl: Like sisters from different misters we are. :heart:

You’re on the treadmill??? Get it, girl. :fist:


WAIT. You’re on the treadmill and writing?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I hope @Eric sees it… and he was lecturing me about taking pics of my meter. :woman_facepalming:


Yes. But I’m not running. Bc I’m not a runner. I’m also apparently not a walker and drinker, either.


And I’m pretty sure he was saying that as Yoda Eric, anyway. Like a visualization technique. Like Ricky Bobby driving with a blindfold on. That made sense before I typed it.



Walking and drinking as a combination is tough. Don’t beat yourself up. :grin:


If you really want to know, I’d be glad to share. :grin:

I’ll be back in a few minutes with my typewriter.


The list of things I want to write about in here is growing, but I’d like to write about today’s run, which was fantastic.

So I started at a BG of an 87 with over an hour of Zero Basal going in. Again, I was running around this morning doing chores, so I decided to extend the basal cut a little before starting. Actually, it wasn’t quite that organized though. I had it set for an hour but was mid-task when it ran out. I didn’t notice it was time and probably didn’t catch it until I had probably gotten about 20 or 30 minutes of insulin. So I set it for another hour and was on the treadmill shortly thereafter but with a little unintended insulin on board. I tested at an 87 just before turning it on and tested once a mile throughout the first hour (on my pretty pink meter bracelet). @Eric, I know you don’t need to know the Dexcom values, but I’ll only do it for a couple more days. So just close your eyes. :smiley:

Start: BG: 87 Dexcom: 96 (20g carbs)
1 mile: BG: 113 Dexcom: 108
2: BG: 115 Dexcom: 145 (20g carbs)
3: BG: 109 Dexcom: 137
4: BG: 104 Dexcom: 146 (4.6 miles— 20g carbs)
5: BG: 125 Dexcom: 163
6: BG: 148 Dexcom: 177
7: BG: 133 Dexcom: 179

I noticed today that I used kind of an old way of thinking because of having the Dexcom in front of me. Even though I was feeling nice and stable at 4 miles, I saw back to back readings of 146 on the Dexcom— and it made me worried I was going to start to drop. It wasn’t real, and I know it’s why you want me to just do finger sticks, but these are the things I need to happen in order for me to arrive at those ideas on my own (and therefore be able to claim they were my own in the first place). :smiley: Anyway, because of fear and not reality, I did another 20g of carbs that I genuinely didn’t feel I needed. It was just interesting. It’s my new thing these days— considering the role of fear in it all. Anyway, after that round of carbs, I did climb steadily for a couple of miles. I’m not sure I needed it at all, but I definitely could’ve waited a while longer, and would’ve had I just been watching my BG numbers. It was fine though because the thing I least wanted was to head into the last 15 minutes feeling wobbly, and I didn’t. I was excited for the last 15 minutes the entire run, and when I got there, I felt great. First 6 miles, completed in an hour on the dot, were at about a 4.5 RPE, so I had plenty left to turn it up a little. I didn’t test during the last piece because I just wanted to enjoy the run and had a feeling i was plenty high anyway, and that was all fine. I finished at 7.9 miles in 75 minutes. And really wanted 8 but was happy anyway. I didn’t do any boluses before the end of the run today because I was still too nervous to do it with the last piece still ahead of me. Looking back, I probably would’ve been just fine doing a small bolus of .5 or so… as that’s what I’ve done on the last couple of runs.

When I got off the treadmill, my BG went up to a 164. I gave myself 2 units IM and started some calisthenics. Within 20 minutes, my BG was at 204. I did a pump bolus of another 1.5 units and continued my exercises. I was back to a 154 maybe 20 minutes after that, and it’s been pretty smooth sailing since.

That’s a lot. I felt great, and my RPE never went above a 7. My legs feel wonderful, and I haven’t been tired in the least. I could’ve run again. In my head at least.

My race is on February 17th… I just looked up the information. Please tell me that’s what we were shooting for?? I hope I didn’t confuse the date anywhere…


I can try. :smiley:

With 3 kids, my schedule can change by the day. I try my best to knock out the basal prior to starting, but if I can’t, I just take extra carbs at the start of the run as well as throughout it. The most important thing I’m learning is that I can, to some extent, create a relatively ideal scenario as long as I am grouping things right. Keeping that in mind, I still prefer to knock out the basal in order to avoid having to take in a bunch of carbs during the run. If I could take in none, that would be preferred. That’s probably going to be pretty hard to do, but I can certainly contain it just by decreasing my insulin on board before starting.

Ideally, I have been trying to but my basal down to ZERO approximately an hour before starting my run. I can only do this though if I know I can start in an hour. If I go too much beyond the hour, I’ll start to climb, and that’s not what I want either. If my blood sugar is relatively flat and normal, and I’ve reduced my basal to zero an hour before starting, I can usually get in a couple of miles before needing to treat. It will depend on my starting BG, but I can hope for 2 if starting on the lower end and 3 if starting a little higher. I’ve also learned to treat at first sign of a low. I was stubborn before and had a tendency to wait too long. It’s been quite helpful to treat early. I’ve also changed my thinking to allow myself to err on the side of too many carbs rather than the alternative. I’m running after all. If I start to climb, I can add a spot of insulin, and it will probably get working right away.

I also am doing insulin at the end of my run and have begun giving myself a bolus just prior to cool down… as needed, obviously. When I have included that Zero Basal AND have had carbs along the way, I’m just not in that much danger of a real plummet. I have plenty working in my favor to help me avoid it. So I’m less afraid of adding some insulin toward the end because I, too, can really take off after a run and struggle with keeping my blood sugar down. If I feel like that’s where the signs are pointing, I just get the insulin going while I’m still moving and add bigger boluses as soon as I’ve finished. I’ve got a long way to go on my post-run numbers. I can do some pretty serious roller coasters, but I’m just keeping at it… and things are improving.

I know this is probably more vague than what you’re asking for, but it’s how I’ve had to do it. When I can plan, I plan, and that never hurts, but I’ve had to learn how to work with what’s available. I still crash sometimes, but I haven’t had to stop because of one since starting running. I think that’s because of what @Eric has taught me to do with the significant basal reduction prior to starting or the carb accommodations if that’s not possible. I started an 8 mile run today at a BG of 87. Never would that have worked in my previous diabetec life.

Don’t know if any of that helps??


I removed the Dex numbers just to simplify it and make it easy to see.

Your numbers after starting are 113, 109, and 104. You have had zero basal for a while, and 40 grams of carbs. You are pretty much flat here!

I think that last carb amount was not necessary (the one at of BG 104). I think you are saying the same thing as I am. You can take some carbs at mile 4, but maybe with some insulin at the same time.

All good stuff today. Great to see this and great to learn what your body is doing. Wonderful job today! :wink:


This is a step-back week, with less intensity and less mileage so you can recover a little bit and to rest up for the Saturday time trial.

This will be a frustrating week for you. Not much here all week. Don’t complain, that’s just how it is.

Save your frustration. Bottle it up and hold on to it all week long. Unleash it on Saturday.

Week 9:

Monday, 1/21
LT Training

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

3 Repeats:

  • 1.5 mile @ 8:00 pace (7.5 mph)
  • 1/4 mile @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

(The last rep at 6.0 mph also works as your cooldown. Total today = 5.75 miles, counting warmup)

Tuesday, 1/22
30 minute Easy Run

9:30-10:000 pace

Wednesday, 1/23
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 1/24

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

4 Repeats:

  • 1/4 mile @ 7:13 pace (8.3 mph)
  • 1/4 mile recovery @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

1/2 mile cooldown @ 9:00-10:00 pace

Total today = 3 miles

Friday, 1/25
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace

Saturday, 1/26
Time Trial

Get to bed early on Friday. Wake up and have breakfast 2 hours before your run.

1/2 mile easy warmup
Take a short break for a few minutes, walk around, drink some water, check your BG. You will not need carbs for this effort. Starting low is fine as long as you are not dropping quickly. Do your best to be flat for the start.

  • 2 miles at target pace

We will discuss the target pace for the 2 miles later…

Sunday, 1/27
Rest day, stretch and core only