DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread

Monday… crappy numbers but wonderful run.

Wasn’t high all day, but this is just how the late afternoon went…
Starting BG: 235
.75 unit (at start)
Mi 1: 193
Mi 2: 138
Mi 3: 115
Mi 4: 83
Mi 5: 75
Mi 5.5 — (done)
*.2 unit
Walk half mile
Mi 6: 72

Enjoyed this. Worked hard, but it never felt hard.


So EH came across this last night, and I told him about your half marathon start with the juggler, and we both were imagining that you should avoid somebody who looks like this as well.

Every time I see this thing I laugh and think of you running next to the guy with the juggling balls. I don’t think that’s very funny, for an actual half marathon, but if I saw some guy running and juggling down the street it would make me laugh. Or running on a treadmill running down the street. Also funny.
Every time I see this thing I laugh and think of you running next to the guy with the juggling balls. I don’t think that’s very funny, for an actual half marathon, but if I saw some guy running and juggling down the street it would make me laugh. Or running on a treadmill running down the street. Also funny.

And, excellent for you for getting back out there on a schedule and working for your next half! Very exciting!


That’s hilarious. :grin:

I just looked it up to see if I could find a picture… and I found a real live joggler. I guess it’s a thing??

And this may have been the guy… see how happy and not working hard he is?? All he needed was to break out into Tony Bennett…


how did you run with a BG over 300? Holy cow, you are courageous!!! why not do a quick shot before taking on the road? seems unlike you.

but congrats on “JUST DOING IT!”

ive been having highs all week, and so i am cutting my ZB time in half before my swim. i am nervous as all hell, but i’m going to go for it and see what happens. i am bring my Gtabs as well as a bottle of Apple Juice to the pool. my prep started out at 90 this morning.

please say some prayers for me. i am keeping my fingers crossed.


I heard you used to run up your numbers the way I did. I hate it now, but a 300 starting BG used to be normal. I’d get a little nervous starting at 4 or 500. :roll_eyes:

And I did have to just do it. Thanks for recognizing that. I am really trying to be more careful with how I’m going throughout my day and am trying to consider the consequences of my choices… and then sometimes I’m relapsing into a more “me” status where I’m messing it all up. And then just doing it rather than waiting for things to be perfect…

I feel better. Thanks. :grin:

And I actually did do some shots— just not one big one. I’m learning how to ease myself back down (when it works) rather than dropping like a brick. I don’t even feel like looking at those numbers now, but I think it wasn’t working as well as I hoped. I’d try to improve on the 300 starting BG decline, but I’d rather knock out the 300 starting BG.

Me, too! Very frustrating. Today I skipped the ZB altogether and cut the basal at the beginning of the run… but still had a banana, I think. :thinking: What’s up with your highs??

You wrote this 9 hours ago… How did it all turn out???


Today was Thursday… and I guess still is… It was 1.25 mile warm up, 1 mile @ 7.5 (treadmill speed), jog 1 minute 30 sec, half mile @ 8, jog 2 min, half mile @ 8, jog 2 min, 1 mile @ 7.5, jog 1:30, 1.25 cool down.

Starting bg: 137
Banana at start and stopping basal

Mi 1: 94
Mi 2: 72
Mi 3: 85
Mi 4: 97
Mi 5: 112
Mi 6: 94

Felt good, ran hard… Forgot that the kids are going to be a factor now that they’re out of school… Cut out the last quarter mile of the cool down to stop them from doing something CNN-worthy.


you caught me; i’m busted! :blush: . when i first started swimming, i didnt know how my D body and insulin actiually worked. my endo told me that i should eat a candy bar without bolusing and wait one hour till my bg got up to 200.

he NEVER told me that there were healthy ways to exercise. then i met ERIC! thank god for him; what a Godsend! Eric taught me how to do all the things that i do today. needless to say that i FIRED the endo and found myself a new one who can think outside the box and is always up on experimenting and knows unequivicably that YDMV. he also comes up with new ideas and suggestions to try out. i LOVE this endo!

so, you’re 100% on the mark; now i wouldnt think of jumping into the pool with such a high BG. it wouldnt feel right physically. ( i am supposing…well, maybe i would, but i am leaning towards doubting it :blush:.)


GREAT NUMBERS!!! you rock!!! :sunglasses:


i so totally get this train of thought. its my perfectionism that can make me crazy. also, i have OCD, and from that i am very ritualistic; changing a “formula” totally freaks me out and instead of relaxing and enjoying a swim, i project into thinking of all the things that can go wrong, and the thoughts spin like a loop inside my head until i have swam my first leg of my swim and my numbers are still good and i havent drowned.

PS:i know i have hogged this thread with all of my responces, but i just cant help myself :wink:


@daisymae really, there’s no such thing as hogging a thread! I enjoyed reading your responses, just like I enjoy reading about Nicky’s hard work!


@TravelingOn, absolutely no such thing as hogging someone else’s thread…I enjoy the company anyway. :heart:



My endo didn’t say that. I had to come up with that ridiculous rule all by myself. But a 300 was even safer. And I’d STILL plummet to a 40. :woman_facepalming:

He taught me, too. He also gave me back running. I was done with it because it was just more harmful than helpful. That’s no longer true. Now that I can do it all with a good blood sugar, it means I benefit to the fullest. I went out for my 8 mile run today, new route, all decked out in meters, gels, and test strip holders, and felt in control. I do love that feeling.

@Eric… I hope you’re hearing all of this. :heart:

Feels like crap. :smiley:


That’s interesting… and maybe something I’ve managed to avoid by being so far from perfect it really wasn’t worth shooting for. :smiley:

Seriously, the whole coffee thing meant I had to learn how to start workouts at different kinds of ranges. Because of the kids and my schedule, there was no waiting until things were looking better. I could only do what I could do, and when it was time to start, start. It irritated me that it was this way, but I wonder if it hasn’t helped me learn how to adjust what I do to fit the situation. I remember saying a while back that I would like to not be as good at doing that and better at doing everything the right and predictable way, but to hear you describing this makes me question that thought. I do like being able to respond appropriately. And the only way I’ve learned it is through regularly being off. :smiley:

You’re not hogging my thread, @daisymae. Every time I talk to Eric he talks about how far you’ve come and all of the work you’ve put in. I’m honored when I see you’ve been around. :heart:


Yesterday’s run… Friday evening.

40-45 min @ target 9:20ish/mile

Cutting basal at start
Starting BG: 114…
Decided to head back home and have a banana. Added about 1/2 mile walk.

True Starting BG: 117
Mi 1: 114
Mi 2: 99
.15 unit bolus
Mi 3: 93
Mi 4: 97
Mi 4.7: done
Total 41:20. RPE was like 4. Felt like I was cruising.


Saturday June 14 long run outside

Cutting it at start
Having banana

Starting BG: 126
Mi 1: 112
Mi 2: 94
Mi 3: 94
Mi 4: 95
Mi 5: 75
Mi 6: 77
Mi 7: 69
Mi 8: 77 finish

Home: 117
3 units

Found an 8 mile loop from house. Loved it, but it was the first time I’ve had to deal with traffic lights— had to stop twice. Kinda didn’t feel like starting again.

Total time 1:13 for 8 miles. RPE… was a little tired today.


Cool about the loop! I love loops. It’s a large joke at our house. Why go out and back when you could see new stuff the whole time!

And you made it home so you started up again! You could use the lights to practice your dancing? Just a thought.

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Same here. This essentially meant I could not run! Try running at 200 and see how much energy you have! Your thread @daisymae @Nickyghaleb and @Eric’s recommendations also got me back to enjoying my runs! Thank you all!!


There’s not a day I run down the street I don’t consider deeply the possibility of breaking out into dance. Not a day. One day I’m gonna do it, and a light seems like the perfect opportunity. Great idea. :grin:

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my god; what awesome numbers! you are totally rocking it!!!

i am currently home sick with some bad case of Sinusitis and am on a strong antibiotic. feel like crap. dont know how on earth i got sick; i am such a healthy person! :wink:

am on a 120% TB and having to do quite a few IM injections (in my R Calve muscle, which seems to be my most effective location for immediate responce). i am drinking tons of water and trying to sleep thorugh as much as possible. thank God that my PCP’s nurse practitioner’s son is a T1D who wears both a pump and a Dexcom. she is fluent in all the lingo and very knowledgable about coping with my situation. (and she is kind and patient as well.) arent i the lucky one!! :sunny:


How are you feeling now?? Hope you’re better???

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