DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Treadmill will probably be a little easier on it. It’s a softer surface.



Okay. :crossed_fingers:

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Ran. Foot was a normal level of hurting today, so I went for it. Was in a rush so I just had to get up and go… which meant no time for any pre-run magic. I was crashing when I woke up, so I thought I’d coffee and go, but it still spiked me to a 175, so I did .5 unit bolus (with pump) as damage control. I started at a 155, and although these numbers seem ugly compared to what I’ve been doing, they were actually a small victory. I believe in the pre-run magic, I really do, but I also have to be able to wing it and not spiral out of control, and today’s run was a controlled descent. Yes, I started at 155, and yes I finished at 65, but I didn’t crash. Gotta be able to do this, too.

Oh, and the run was kind of hard. My legs weren’t happy with the plan, but they worked themselves out and were good to go by about 3 miles.

Starting BG: 155
Mi .75: 137
Mi 1.5: 113
Mi 2.5: 83
Mi 3.5: 73
Mi 4.25: 63
Mi 5: 65

And have been cruising since.

Thinking about making the appointment for my foot even though I’d like not to, and I’m waiting right now to get called back for my tailbone MRI. Waiting on my thumbtack lancets and wedding rings. :thinking:



Tell me about the run. Was it on the treadmill? What pace did you run?

Tired sore legs are a good thing. Especially after hill work like yesterday. If your legs weren’t tired, that would mean you didn’t work hard enough yesterday. Running on tired legs is part of the plan. So that much is good.

The pain is not good, and that’s what you need to address. A cortisone shot will help you a lot. Wear your inserts all the time, even when not running. Going barefoot is a bad thing for it. Go to the podiatrist and ask about getting a cortisone shot and also ask about getting a boot you can wear for a few hours a day, just when you are sitting around or lying down. That will help stretch the tendons and relieve the pain.

Everything else is good stuff. Everything is on track. Get your Garmin issue resolved too!

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@Nickyghaleb could the thumbtack Lancets and wedding rings be @Eric 's version of hillbilly bailing wire and bubblegum? Maybe they are to keep you in one piece until after the race?



Omg. I’m laughing so hard. Just catching up on this thread after the pickup lines thread. So funny! Stocked up on husbands!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:



The rings are here. THE RINGS ARE HERE, @elver!! 3 rubber wedding rings. 4 until I got one stuck on my finger. Did I need all 4, @Eric?? :grin:



Yesterday feels like 36 months ago now… I’m trying to remember…

I actually have to go look at my post to (get my lies straight) jog my memory. :wink:

So that didn’t help much. I did run it on the treadmill, and because I did that, I’m going to assume it was at the exact pace you had me at.

I do remember. It was all rushed because I had to get to my MRI. Yes, treadmill, yes, 6.5, yes, tired legs, yes… whatever else you were asking. And I’ll try to find a podiatrist tomorrow. My current one knows I’m diabetic. :wink:



And 1 ring to rule them all @Nickyghaleb!

My Precious, the little thief stole my Precious!



And while I’m here, I’ll put up today’s run. I was supposed to do 6 miles at an 8:34 pace, and I don’t even know if that was supposed to be treadmill or not because I had no choice in the matter. Today was another packed one (complete with Lowe’s and a little light shopping :blush:), so I had to get it when it was available. There was still no coffee or carbs or activity going in, and there was still a nice flat 90 for at least an hour prior, but there was NO hour long ZB. Didn’t know I was doing it until it was time to do it, so I shut off the basal as I started.

Starting BG: 90
Mi 1: 92
Mi 2: 98
Mi 3: 93
*.35 unit pump bolus
Mi 4: 67 (think the dip was because the difference in ZB)
Mi 5: 64
Mi 6: 72
*resume basal
*2 units
Half mile walk
BG 108
*1.5 units
BG 158 (about 30 minutes after finishing… just trying to get my banana :angry:)
*1.5 units :angry::angry:

Finally had my banana like 45 minutes after finishing, maybe longer. I never spiked, but I definitely hugged a higher line than usual after my run today, so I haven’t had the chance to get many carbs.

Anyway, RPE was probably a 6.5 (6.5+ for miles 4-6), legs were tired, it was hot outside, and my son tried to tackle me at the start of my sixth mile, which made that one even harder than it already was. Tackle me. My 14 year old. :woman_facepalming: Finished in 50 minutes, and all miles were between 8:11 and 8:28.



You’re going to have to take the whole finger. Got that thing stuck pretty good. :rofl::rofl:

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Bilbo Baggins is heading your way @Nickyghaleb… Be forewarned…

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Put one on each SPIBelt you own. Put it on over the smaller buckle side, and slide it PAST the buckle and onto the elastic part (not the holder compartment).

Notice on the SPIBelt buckle, there is one buckle side that is a little bit smaller. It will barely fit over the smaller buckle. Put in on carefully. Once it is on the elastic part, it does not need to be removed.


You have an extra strip holder. One for your wristband, and the extra one I send you. The strip holder will fit in there perfectly. Put the strip holder on before you load the strips. The ring will take up space for one strip, so this strip holder gives you 9 slots now.

Once it is on there, load it up like this.

ALWAYS remove the strip holder before you wash the SPIBelt, but you can leave the ring on there.

Also, don’t put it in the dryer, that will mess up the ring. Hang it dry.

Now whenever you are running outside you can carry 9 extra strips with you, on any SPIBelt you have. This will be useful for the race.



And you said it wasn’t going to be anything that cool…Do you have any idea how I’ve been carrying my extra strips?? :rofl::rofl:

That’s awesome. Thank you. :heart:



And how do you figure this stuff out?! Because you don’t discover this kind of thing by accident… Like you were accidentally putting the wrong ring on your spibelt one day…

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“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

- Michelangelo



Clearly, you only really needed the one ring. image https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Ring

Dang it @elver you beat me to it. :rofl:



Sorry to steal your thunder @TravelingOn. I couldn’t resist though :rofl:

Oops - my inner Hobbit nerd is showing. :crazy_face:



Okay. Got it on, but which way does this puppy face?? Out? Up? Down? Probably not down?

And guess whose spibelt is upside down? :grin:



I wear it with the strips facing up. Like in my picture.

But keep posting pics of your butt and we don’t need to be in a hurry to settle this issue.