Diabetic neuropathy treatment seems to do well

SEems like this was mostly for T2s but it’s nice to know there are new options out there. Not only did it seem to reduce symptoms and pain, but it also seemed to improve neurologic functioning, which is promising:


Cool that the stimulators worked for neuropathy. I had friend who had a terrible back injury and was on narcotics for years and was severely limited in what he could do. The pain stimulator gave him his life back. It isn’t for everyone, but if it works, it is amazing. My friend got off all pain medicines shortly after the surgery and has lived mostly pain free for 10+ years.


This gives me some hope. I am a T1 and have terrible neuropathy in both feet, right lower leg, and both hands. I recently tried Gabapentin for about a month(it took that long to titrate up to the proper dosage). It turned out to be my idea of a hellish nightmare. I got tremors all over, heart palpitations, and something thats (common) called “foggy brain.” Then it took another 2 weeks to titrate off of it.

I know that it has worked for many, but unfortunately, I am not one of them. Always on the hunt for another option.

and bgtw, I have broken my foot twice trying to stand up from a chair or off the bed without realizing that I could not feel the floor. Once I even broke all 5 metatarsal bones in my right foot, and it took about 4 months to heal. Had to see a specialist who dealt with diabetic related foot problems. Ugh.

Best of luck and prayers to all who have to cope with neuropathy.