Diabetes or Old Age?

I have a problem deciding whether a new problem is caused by diabetes, or old age. Since this century began I have had hearing loss, bad aching in my back, pain in my feet and legs, gout, forgetfulness, problems with urination, and difficulties with balance causing me to occasionally fall down. Are these caused by diabetes, or old age? My doctors do not want to say that diabetes is the cause of my problems. That is understandable, but I find this frustrating! I keep trying to narrow my range, hoping for improvements, but I have had limited success. For all of the problems I have mentioned, online research suggests that diabetes can be the underlying cause. I am 78 now, so maybe old age is to blame for most of these problems???
Do any of you have the same question?


You are a young man, so it can’t be old age.

Seriously, I think you are doing great. My mom has hearing loss, and she is not a diabetic. And I think forgetfulness is a common thing with age. I think many of these problems sound like normal things that happen as we get older.

I would not get caught up on online research that blames diabetes for things that happen at this age. There are not a lot of people that have had diabetes for 72 years, so they don’t have a lot of people to research. You are a champion.


@Richard157 I’m about 10 years younger than you are but I have had many of the same problems for the past few years.

I guess I could chalk it up to diabetes, but I’d bet it’s just old age. Many of my friends have the same problems despite being non D.


Well, my dad is 76 and has no diabetes but has back, knee and hip pain, has had gout, is occasionally forgetful, and has a lot of shortness of breath lately. (He’s under a doctor’s care, and gets looked at regularly. :woman_health_worker::smile:) He also does a bit of exercise still, in the form of dancing, but says he’s slowing down and it’s not as easy as it once was.

For him, it’s just old age. He doesn’t have diabetes.

Not sure if this one instance helps, your “survey”! But I think you’re not alone in having health issues crop up. I send good thoughts your way, because I am positive those health issues must be painful at times and quite frustrating! Hopefully your doctor can help mitigate some of the symptoms of those conditions to keep you feeling like the best possible you!


If I was placing a bet, I would think the leg and feet problem you describe is the most likely to be exacerbated by your diabetes.

Having worked with many older (you) patients they had many of the same issues you describe, but most did not have diabetes. Having also worked with elderly patients (not you yet) they also had similar issues.

I would think that while great control may not make any of the age related problems better, you are probably delaying them getting worse, which is a good thing.