Diabeloop closed-loop patch pump system approved in Europe

Off hand it looks like the performance is comparable to the 670G but perhaps it’s nicer to the user. Evidently it was approved based on a trial with 33 users over 12 weeks.


Very interesting.

Hard to know how it actually feels until some of us get it in hand. It’s great to see that closed loop systems are now coming out. There should be a big wave out in the next 2-3 years.

I’m looking forward to the second wave. I think the first wave may be too locked down and conservative to make loopers and skilled surfers happy. In particular, with fixed targets of 120 mg/dL and the like.

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Well, that’s all I needed to hear. :grin:


More information from Diatribe: https://diatribe.org/diabeloops-automated-insulin-delivery-system-launch-europe

One highlight is that the target BG is adjustable from 100-130.

Another is that the system evidently knows how to surf: “Notably, roughly 75% of DBLG1 users stop counting carbs with the system. We’re not positive, but we’d guess this means users tell the system “I’m about to eat” – and perhaps if the meal is small, medium or large – but they don’t need to enter a specific number of carbs. From there, the system makes decisions about insulin based on CGM trends.”