Dexcom Share / Follow - Issue

I called Dex Tech Support anyway. Once I felt up to it.
15 minute hold time. They could make the hold better if they would not repeat that stupid message every 45 seconds about them calling you back. Which I have tried before and does not work for ****.

They said it is a server issue on their end and they are aware and they are working on it and they have no ETA but expect to have it resolved by … end of the day. “End of the Day” ???

And the Tech Support person did specifically say do NOT attempt to uninstall and reinstall the app as that would likely only make things worse for you once they fix the issue on their end. Who knows if it really would make anything worse but clearly would not resolve anything at the moment.


I couldn’t login last night (in :canada: where we use Dexcom’s EU server)

@Jim_YYC - Is the Clarity/Share/Follow all still down for you ?

They appear to be having issues too “We are experiencing a temporary issue with the Dexcom server. Please try again later”

Still out here. :(. Hope it’s back before bedtime.

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You don’t need of the server functionality for looping right?

Just monitoring I assume ?

Loop works via Bluetooth but the sharing is how everyone sees the data who isn’t with Liam and his phone… And it’s also what i depend on for the phonecalls during the nightime. In addition to this issue, Liam’s sensor decided today (only day 3) to start crapping out. If sensor craps out, loop stops working. I would love for this server issue to be rectified before i to decide whether or not to change out sensor. It’s disconnected three times today.

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I had a crappy (new) sensor last night and today also. The way it goes sometimes.

After five or six calibrations it seems to have finally gotten working.

I still don’t trust it yet.

I can log into Dexcom Clarity now. Last data point that shows up in Clarity is earlier this morning around 6 AM.

Regular share/follow is still not working for me though.


So frustrated! Yesterday at work I changed my pod and it was a dud, so had do do MDI. It was raining so I decided to wait until morning to get backup pod. Put that on and now this issue. I was unaware it was down, so deleted the app and tried to reinstall it. For some reason it requires login to bring G6 app up so now I have n data at all!

I was unaware that you can run loop locally without access to share.

Someone said to delete the share in both the Loop app and the G6 ap? is that correct?

Once I get it working again, what do I do to still use share for the other things like Nightscout, Android with watch, etc yet still get data for loop locally?

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I’ve heard don’t delete anything - it will only make it worse. The problem is not on our end so when Dexcom fixes the underlying issue things will work again

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Makes sense. At least I was getting G6 data into Dexcom itself. Now that I did the uninsteall/reinstall of the G6 app, it won’t work since you have to log in to get it re-set up! Yuck!

So once things are up, anyone know how to tell the apps (G6 Descom app and loop) to use local data but still use share for the other stuff?

Has anyone seen an ETA for the servers?

Dexcom Tech Support did not know as of this morning. At one point in the conversation they said a few hours and at another point in the conversation they said by end of day and another point they made it clear they had no idea.

I am pretty sure the first two timeframes were BS and the third time they were being honest.

I know my way around large scale servers pretty well. The concept of being down unintentionally for 24 hrs is absurd.


Their last Facebook update was at 3pm est…


Another update 8pm but still not back… 24hours is a big, big outage


A few months ago I had a server issue pop up on my g6 app and was not following my daughters blood sugar anymore. I called dexcom who told me that when this happens, if you uninstall and reinstall the g6 app, it will fix it. At the time, I did it and it was.fixed. So yesterday, I did the same… Big mistake. Now I cant even log into Dexcom because of the server being down. So not only can I not follow, but I have no readings at all. I had a very sleepless night checking my 6 year old throughout the night.Had I known it was a Dexcom issue at the time, I wouldn’t have uninstalled the App. I am not on facebook. Ugh!! Hope this gets fixed soon. She has school tomorrow and to be without a Dexcom is scary.

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Do you not have the Dexcom G6 Receiver as a backup? That would be non-impacted by the Dexcom server fiasco.


I dont know I havent used that in so long. I would have to take a look.