Dexcom Share / Follow - Issue

I dont know I havent used that in so long. I would have to take a look.

@Nreid77 you can follow somewhat here, you do not need Twitter or facebook accounts…just internet. You can bookmark for future maybe. I hope you can find your receiver


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Dexcom seriously runs its servers from a single location without uninterruptible power supplies and without offsite capabilities to resume operations?


The time as mentioned does not match when services became unavailable. As well simply the “Share” servers going down would not have impacted the ability to log into Clarity as well as to reinstall the Dex Mobile App.

This update sounds as much BS as what I was told by Dex Tech Support in terms of when services would be restored.


Dexcom is now pushing a message about the Share/Follow issue out in mass via the already installed G6 Mobile App and the already installed Follow App.

“Dexcom Share/Follow services are currently not fully functional. Follow App users may not receive glucose notifications until services are fully restored. Please check the Dexcom Facebook page for updates.”
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It is a little confusing exactly what Dexcom means but I think a valid non-technical interpretation could be:

$hit still broke.


If my team took this long to repair a broken system… Especially one as critical as i consider this system, heads would be rolling from the top-down


Dexcom hasn’t scaled for the growth since G6 appeared. The length of this outage shows how little redundancy they have on their network.

Large businesses should have 99.98% availability (1.6 hrs of downtime per year).

Most of us would consider the Share “mission critical”

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Posted this morning (Dec 1st) by Dexcom


Thank you for posting!!

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My heart goes out to you who use the Dexcom share feature and rely on it. I just use the original Dexcom receiver and the G6 sensor, so I’m not affected (other than not able to get current data reports from Clarity). Hope it’s fixed soon.

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Somewhere there is one guy on vacation that knows exactly what the problem is but can’t be reached. In the meantime we get this response on FaceBook.

“12/1/2019, 2:10PM PST: As of right now, the Dexcom Follow services have not yet been fully restored. Additionally, you may be receiving a notice “server unavailable” in your G5 or G6 CGM app. In response to this notice, please do not delete and reinstall your CGM app as it may not function properly. Our teams continue to work on a resolution and we will continue to post updates here.
12/1/2019, 1:00PM PST: As of right now, the Dexcom Follow services have not yet been fully restored. Our teams continue to work on a resolution and we will continue to post updates here.
12/1/2019, 8:43AM: As of this morning, the Dexcom Follow services have not yet been fully restored. There continues to be a 24/7, large cross functional effort with both Google and Microsoft to diagnose and address the issue. Dexcom did not release any updates or changes over the holiday to create this issue, which has created a more complex investigation.
We read every comment and understand your disappointment in both the system challenges and communication shortfalls. First and foremost we are 100% focused on solving the issue at hand. Additionally, we are committed to creating a better customer communication experience moving forward. You deserve nothing less.
We will continue to post updates here throughout the day.
12/1/2019, 1:46AM: As of now, the Dexcom Follow services have not yet been fully restored. Our teams continue to work on a resolution. We will continue to post updates here.”


“… have not been fully restored …”

I am not the biggest fan of corporate PR and Marketing departments because they usually manage to **** everything up.

But in this case they might want to take a look at the communications going out.

The company is rapidly being made to look like it is being run by a bunch of moronic idiots.

Silo’d organization

I’ve heard hearsay of some people using screen mirroring in order to get remote readings from their child. Anyone know of anything like this?

They might be finally making some real progress.

I just got a High Glucose Notification on my Follow App.

No BG data yet. But this is the most I have seen since it all hit the crapper.

EDIT: I saw some people (in other forums) had reported sporadic event notifications so this apparently really did mean nothing.

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Maybe this would work for you? Never did it so I have no idea but it kinda sounds what you are talking about?

I’ve found Loop works best if it gets sensor readings only through bluetooth. So in Loop settings, under Dexcom G6, it will just say “Tap to set” for Dexcom Share. But for monitoring you’ll want to have Share turned on in the G6 app so Nightscout, e.g., can tap into the Share data.

Looks to be back working now.



But everything is not back to normal yet though. SugarMate isn’t working… Showing there olds email address as invalid. Trying to get it setup again… Waiting on invitation to be accepted by SugarMate.

Share functionality within the mobile app still is hit and miss. Shows x sometimes and check mark other times.

Update:. SugarMate connectivity has been reestablished - had to delete the old invalid email address and set up a new one. However, data is not coming in regularly since setting it back up… Just had to delete another new email address and set it up again. Something is definitely amiss.

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Just FYI, I called the Dexcom tech services (and got through really quickly). I asked about the problem I was having uploading data to Clarity and the tech said they were working on it as fast as they can, but no need to login until “at least tomorrow.” (12-3-19)

Our cgm data resumed uploading into Clarity earlier this morning via the Dexcom G6 Mobile App with no issues at the time that @EdD posted his update that he saw services operational again.

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