Dexcom Renewals

So, I just tried to refill my Dexcom supplies for the first time this year, and surprisingly I have to do all the insurance checks and referrals again. Even though I have an active Rx and an existing referral with my insurance company that is valid for another 21 months. Is this normal, or something new for 2018?

I mentioned in a different thread, it appears that Dexcom script renewals need a yearly renewal (at lease with my insurance). But the only thing my insurance requires is the doc to send it in again, nothing else. So possibly, all you need is your doc to resubmit it for you.


Sounds like a place to start. Thank you @Eric!


I am with @Eric, @elver, that is all we had to do also. Hopefully that is the same for you too!

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I need my doctor to send them an A1c and chart notes every time they send me new transmitters; really just all varies by insurer and how many hoops they want you to jump through (which they do hoping some folks will drop the ball or somehow end up ineligible for coverage).This is the fun world of for-profit medical insurance!