Dexcom G6 Approval in Canada

From Dexcom

“The G6 commercial launch in Canada is planned for late 2019 as the company continues to build capacity to support global launch plans.”


Late 2019? Darn. I was hoping that the Basal-IQ feature would become available soon… I’ve e-mailed Tandem to see if they have submitted that for Health Canada approval. But if the G6 won’t even become available till late 2019, then obviously Basal-IQ will be then or later.

Here’s hoping Tandem skips Basal-IQ and goes straight for Control-IQ for Canada. Though I somehow doubt that will happen.


Well, I will say that Basal-IQ was released very close to the G6 launch, so there is some hope there. I don’t think the Canadian registry system is a huge issue as long as you have CE mark.

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