Dexcom 7 trial recruiting participants


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The trial will be run at 13 clinical sites across the US, all of which are currently recruiting. … Clinical sites are located in California, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

None of these testing sites is even a long car trip from where I live. So it’s not even worth debating how small my chances of being selected might be. And one step beyond that, the only receiving device I have for my G6 transmitter is my Tandem t:slim X2 pump which I doubt would (currently) be compatible with the G7 transmitter. :man_shrugging:

It is good to know the G7 release is moving forward and to get a vague idea of what stage it is at. But I did not get much more than that out of this news tidbit. Did anyone else get more out of this news?

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No, but we are really looking forward to the G7, as long as the transmiter and sensor are one unit and it is smaller. Would be a nice change from the transmitter/sensor mismatch currently.

I just hope it will be compatible with DIY Loop on iOS!

Also, I thought I had read some time ago, that the G7 would last 14 days, not 10! This article says only 10 days :frowning:


At the last conference call they basically said they can get timely approval for 10 days so will file for that first, and they anticipate it will take somewhat longer to get a 14-day approval but they fully intend to file for that too. The speculation was that there are some problems with accuracy in days 11-14 so that they wouldn’t quite meet the requirements for the iCGM designation just yet.


I live in Eastern Idaho so I sent an inquiry regarding the clinic location.


Yeah, I got the sense they were thinking some adjustments in the software might allow the 14 days wear.

I also got the sense some of the issues they had with adhesives and skin reactions might also be a factor.


My personal speculation (based on a bad streak of G6 sensors dying on days 8 or 9) is they are having trouble consistently making it to 14 days before the sensors die.