Dental X-rays and D-devices

Has anyone had dental x-rays while wearing their Omnipod and their Dexcom? If the devices are covered with a lead apron would they be safe? I called both companies and of course they told me that it hasn’t been tested so they recommend the pod and sensor be removed. They are both sending me replacements which is good, but I would rather not remove them if I don’t have to.

I’ve had dental x-rays wearing both, and no problem. The pod was on my arm, which was not covered by the apron. I’d think it would only be a problem if your pod was on your cheek, but you’d have to check with @Eric about that. :grin:


@Beacher did you have the PDM with you in the room, or did you remove it from the x-ray area?

The amount of radiation in a set of digital dental xrays is negligible. I would be shocked if they had any effect on a Dexcom or omni pod.

I have on many occasions held the sensor in place for difficult patients while the radiography was taken, with no special protection. Didn’t notice that my Dexcom was at all affected.


HA! That’s a real first person account Doc. :smile: Both diabetic AND a dentist wearing a sensor.


I keep my sensor/transmitter and pump under the apron and have never had a problem. I’ve done the same for hospital x-rays and haven’t had a problem.

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My PDM was on a chair in the room.