Daylight savings time—adjust your pump settings

Remember to change the time settings in your pump tonight if you live in a U.S. or Canadian region that switches to Daylight Savings Time. :alarm_clock:


And change your lancet too… :rofl:


Darn it, I thought that was New Years! :joy:


I could be confused @Mariethm . I know I change mine every so often (but not regularly).

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I’m not going to do that until I feel really bored. If I change the time my Omnipod PDM (an Android phone which certainly knows it has changed) refuses to work out correction boluses for an hour. Why would I bother with that? I honestly don’t care if it knows the correct time, if I did run basals that varied with time it would be easier and most likely safer to have a “summer basal” and a “winter basal”.

My wife did change the time on the car clock as we were driving over to have dinner with friends (we were an hour early of course; the cook was using the clock on the stove…) The only reason my wife changed it was to watch the minute hand on the clock do an hour in about five seconds (it’s even better in fall when it goes backward.)

Posted at 4:41AM, Monday March 15, from Oregon (a sub-country of the United States of America).

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