Date on dexcom G6 transmitter

The Dexcom G6 transmitter I just received has the date on it of SB 2019-03-12. Can anyone explain this to me? Dexcom acted like I was speaking a foreign language. Is their an expiration date?

SB is the ship by date.

Did you get it through dexcom or another supplier?

I got it through a home health care company that dexcom told me they supply through.

I would guess that the home healthcare company should have known they should not ship that item after that date, so their mistake.

But that may be a challenge to get them to agree, and send you a replacement.

I suggest you call Dexcom Technical support to report this. They may be willing to send you a replacement. And they should be told which supplier made the mistake, so they can follow up.

Is this your first G6 transmitter and use of Dexcom? Or do you have an existing G6 transmitter in use, and new one is for after it runs low battery?

US Dexcom Technical Support
888 738 3646

Or fill out request at

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Thank you for your help

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Likely, the FDA requires “expired” stock to be destroyed, but it they are shipped to your pharmacy before then, there is a “shelf life” of 90-days according to my pharmacist. Most devices and drugs have to be destroyed at the end of their “shelf life”. (Some have a longer and some have a shorter shelf life).

My transmitter doesn’t have a “SB” date, but a manufactured date and use-by date.indicated with cryptic symbols. Here’s a glossary of those symbols: (Link)

Thank you for that info. My manufacture date was 7/11/2018 and the SB date was 3/12/2019 so it should have never been sent to me.

It depends on who sent it to you. The SB date only applies to the manufacturer. Not the pharmacy. Since there is no explicit expiration date, as you will find on medicines, it’s up to the pharmacy to decide on when to discard or return the devices to Dexcom.

I received some from solara that were past their date. Solara told me that it’s the ship-by date from Dexcom to the distributor and that there really isn’t an expiration date. If they work, they work