Daisy Mae's swimming BG thread

First week back is guilt-free, do just what your body says. Don’t listen to your head, listen to your body for the whole week. After that you can start to push yourself.

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thanks eric. i think i am more nervous about my IOB and refueling carbs and replacing basal insulin than i am anything else. i had really gotten my formula down pat, and i hope i can get close to what i had been doing.

but, i am taking your sage advice: the first week will be guilt free. and unlimited :wink:


eric, if you are around and about tomorrow, i will be giving you updates on my prep-swim-work and most likely asking you too many questions and “what ifs” should i do this, should i do that, etc etc…

so let me know if i become a real PITA



No worries, you are awesome!


Enjoy the pool! I think it’ll feel marvelous once you jump in! I imagine the concerns will float away!



experiment # (oh hell, i can’t remember. :smile: )

OMG! WOW! so this afternoon i got back into the pool again after almost 3 weeks of sloth. i swear to you, i felt like i would have forgotten how to swim, but i didn’t; i was reunited with the water as if it were an old friend. it felt divine. my prep for the swim was a little rocky as i bloused incorrectly for my bfast and it kinda loused things up a bit. but i was able to get right back on track without giving up. (truly unlimited ) no excuses for this gal.

i swam for 90 minutes at a slow easy pace with my arms and harder with my legs. ( my arms felt a bit weak and didn’t want to cooperate with my stroke as much as my legs did ). any way, i felt marvelous and i feel rather proud of myself for jumping in and doing my best. i didn’t flatline it, but my BGs were stable. here’s the stats :slight_smile:
1:45 BG 161
2:15 BG 155
2:45 BG 128
3:15 BG 121 (at which point i gave myself a manual bolus of 1.7 units ; don’t know if that was correct dosage, b/c i’ve been out of the water for so long that i don’t quite remember my secret basal replenishment formula )
got home and tested at 4pm, BG 97

despite the fact that it was not a hard 2 hour swim, i feel great. i know it will most likely be an ADVIL night, but at least i know my body will re-acclemate sometime within the next 10 days or so. (at least i am hoping so )

i will keep you posted on my BGs from now until tomorrow morning, as i am very curious to see how they react to this almost "brand-new " work-out. at least i am home and if i go low, there is plenty of chocolate (there was a sale at CVS and we had a 30% off coupon so we stocked up :wink: )


PS: thank you to all of you for rooting me through this and also for being so kind to me while i was feeling ill. it really has helped me so much that it is beyond words.


Wonderful news, and it’s so great things went so well!

thanks so much. just tested 45 minutes post swim and my BG was 65. ugh. thank God for chocolate and glucose tabs (orange flavor…but if i can ever find grape flavor, i would buy them out)


Ask and ye shall receive.

They also sell single bottles, but it sounded like you might in the mood for a 5-pack.

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have you ever tasted the grape flavor? i am not familiar with this company, but i’m deff up for a try. so far, i havent liked either the cherry flavor or the tropical flavors. so i have stuck with the orange for so long, and now i need a change of taste on my buds :blush:

Both my sons absolutely loathe the grape flavor (including the one who does not have D) :frowning:

Here is the link to the single bottle, you can give it a try. We haven’t tried any except the orange which works well enough for us. Also, we use other candy for 90% of our corrections, so Gtabs are a last resort.

It will only cost you $8 to find out. (including shipping)

thanks for the heads up. saves me the $$$. guess i’ll stick with the orange flavor (which i do like).

well, i must report the post swim D insanity, 1) b/c i don’t want it to repeat itself, and 2) b/c i don’t want any of you fabulous people to have to go my route.

was ready to eat my dinner (6pm, 2.5 hours post swim ) and my BG was 79. not bad, i thought, although i did feel a little wonky. so i bloused from my pump and sat down to munch. mid meal i felt an on-coming low, so i got up and tested : 40 BG. uh oh. so i poured myself a glass of apple juice and sat down to finish my dinner. thought all would be well. well, by 7:15, i was up to 78 BG. phew. then i sat down in front of the TV but felt that i was going low again. at 8:30 i re-tested: 49 BG: went for a large glass of milk with some whopping Tbs of Ovaltine. turned my basal down to 80%. (which i would later regret ) sat back down on the sofa and waited 1/2 hour. BGs had come up to 64. at 9pm my BG was 89. i figured i was in a safe range and started to relax a bit with my hubby and watched a comedy (which we will do when i deff need to be distracted from crazy D events ). we laughed; hahaha :blush:

i felt okay for a while. in fact the best i had felt all evening. so we were ready to go to bed. i always test before bed, and it was around 10:30, and i had been on the TB of 80% for well over 2 hours, so i figured my BGs MUST have stabilized. my BG was something like 250; i gave myself a correction and went to sleep.

woke up at about 2am and my BG was 229; gave myself another correction and went back to sleep. woke up this morning at 101.YAY!!! i figured that that was the end of the roller coaster ride and that i was good to go with my day ahead but then i crashed to 65 and felt i was soon to go lower. (damn, during these times i wish i had had a cgm, as i am doing finger sticks like my strips are going out of style :wink: . i ate 2 Gtabs and some chocolate and an hour later came up to 110. phew. 15 minutes later, i came up to 120 and thought i was safe enough to eat lunch. 2.5 hours post lunch, my BG was 200. gave myself a correction, turned off the TB and went for a walk with my hubby. back home at 5pm, i re-tested and i was up to 230. i gave myself a 1.5 unit of insulin in my thigh with an 8mm syringe. now its a waiting game. anyones guess.

i am so exhausted.

MY CONCLUSION: i will deff not try and swim so long when i am trying to rebuild my swimming muscles again. my body was very very confused!!!


Oh no, that’s not what I mean! You may well like them! Many kids hate grape flavor with a passion: half of my younger kid’s friends won’t take any meds with grape flavor…

how about grape lollypops?

They would not be a success in my household :slight_smile:

how about plain old grapes?

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Now these are very successful!

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When Michel speaks of grapes, I am never sure which type he is speaking of.
Bordeaux, Chenin Blanc, Gamay, Malbec…