Crossing time zones

What is the protocol? I am curious.

I have no idea, they told us to check back when we were going to Europe. We haven’t gone yet.

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@CatLady, what a great find!

What I find to be the most valuable lines:

MDI, less than 5 times zones or traveling less than 3 days:

When traveling across fewer than 5 time zones or for trips less than 3 days duration, we recommend patients [on MDI] keep their watches set at their home local time, continue their basal insulin at the usual times and administer bolus doses before meals.

MDI, 5 times zones or more, or traveling more than 2 days:

Rapid acting bolus doses via insulin pump or subcutaneous injection are still given before meals. However for patients taking long acting basal insulin, travel requires a 4% adjustment to the insulin dose for each time zone traversed (1 hour is 4% of the 24 hour day); with westward travel resulting in missed doses and eastward travel resulting in excess doses. Traveling across 5 time zones or more thereby necessitates a dose adjustment to prevent a clinically significant change in blood glucose.


Patients on insulin pumps taking only rapid acting insulin continue with their usual regimen regardless of duration of travel, simply adjusting the time on their insulin pump to local time on arrival so their basal rates adjust accordingly.

We go to England quite often (our daughter lives there) and I realized I had this bookmarked. Glad to share. :smiley_cat:

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Glad I use tresiba and do t have to worry about any such finer points of basal timing


Ditto, me, the pump now.