Could someone help me to create an Omnipod 5 ID?

I have just purchased a set of Omnipod 5 starter kit from a US online shop, namely DiabetesSaving dot com.

I am a Malaysia citizen where there is no official Insulet coverage. In fact, there is also no official Insulet coverage in the vicinity of South East Asia.

However, due to the direness of my Type 1 Diabetes cum LADA. I have decided to purchase the Omnipod 5 to help alleviating my condition.

Alas, when the Omnipod 5 starter kit had finally arrived my doorstep from the US, 2 days ago I was unable to surmount the Omnipod ID requirement on the PDM.

Could anyone lend me their Omnipod ID for one-time use in order to unlock the Omnipod 5 PDM? Alternatively, could anyone help me to create an Omnipod ID from the supported regions?

I am willing to pay a fee for the leasing of the Omnipod ID or the assistance in creating an Omnipod ID, so long as the PDM can be unlocked to allay my dreadful constant blood glucose concentration at around 20mml/L.

I would be profoundly grateful of anyone that can be of help.

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If I were traveling overseas and needed to activate from my home country, I suppose I would try to route my internet access through a VPN service to activate from the approved geographical location. I haven’t been in that position, though, so I don’t know whether it would work.


Hi @RaymondGan! Welcome to FUD!

I wish I could help you, but I don’t use the O5. I am sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

I second the use of a VPN. That should solve the problem.