Cold sensitivity 3 days after missing one dose of Synthyroid

I don’t want to hijack @MsCris ‘ thread,
But i would like to share my experience with missing one dose of Synthyroid on last Friday before my recent surgery. It was supposed to be day surgery and I intended to take my thyroid meds before I was discharged, but I found myself admitted to the hospital and in a room.

I forgot all about it, most concerned when I would get to eat. I had missed lunch and ate my emergency snacks. Well that’s another story.

I took my Synthyroid Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings as usual. Monday I picked up a few items at the supermarket, some frozen dinners.

WOW! I was extremely cold sensitive, a feeling I haven’t had in all the years I’ve been on Synthyroid. Who woulda thunk it that missing one dose 3 days earlier would cause one to have low thyroid symptoms.

Fortunately that has resolve itself.


@CarlosLuis so sorry to hear your surgery went a little off track, and glad all is well now.

Do you also have Raynaud’s, or only the typical cold sensitivity? I have Raynaud’s and I sure hope my cold sensitivity is reduced with Levoxyl!

Tricky hormone balance, isn’t it? My best to you!

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Not me. I have know 3 people with Raynaud’s syndrome - a pharmacist who had to sell her store because of difficulty with pill bottle lids, an engineering technician and a dentist, 2 women and one man. I’ve witnessed their fingers turning blue white during episodes, scary.

As to the cold sensitivity, I recognized it. The odd thing is I did not connect feeling cold, and thinning nails with hypothyroidism, but after I started Synthyroid It improved so much that I made the connection.

As to my recent surgery, well that was just the beginning. I will have chemo and more life changing surgery coming up. I’m trying to gain a bit of weight as I at the lowest I should weigh. I expect to lose weight from the chemo and surgery. We shall see. Que sera, sera - What ever will be, will be.


And we’ll be here supporting you however we can. :pray:


I’m not sure I would attribute the cold sensitivity to missing a sythyroid dose three days prior? It takes a couple of weeks at least to feel any symptoms from a change in dose and a month for that change to show up in bloodwork. Could it have been something unrelated?

If you accidentally miss a dose you can always just add it to the next day. Or I will fast for like 6 hours then take it on the same day just much later. I would have to do this often when I was first diagnosed with T1D and would wake up to a low blood sugar.

Good luck to you and for your future treatments!

Maybe, but it felt exactly like it did before I got on meds and adjusted correctly. Shivering as I walked by open topped freezer cases.BBRRR.:cold_face:


Interesting. I also didn’t know this. My sister takes synthroid but doesn’t have any other health issues.

I have thinning nails, and Raynauds and Raynauds causes my fingers to go numb even with temps in the 70s. But I don’t have a feeling of cold as you describe. It just causes numbness so maybe the manifestations between Raynauds and hypothyroidism is different.

In any case, I’m glad you ate back on track with the help of Synthroid.



It is scary indeed! I’ve had Raynaud’s 6 years now, and luckily only 2 or 3 times have my finger/toes gotten to blue. White is often from Oct to March (I’m in a Mid Atlantic state).

I am so sorry you’re going through this, Carlos. :pray: Take care of yourself as best you can, and accept all the help offered to you!

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Yes, they are! Raynaud’s can be primary or secondary, and may coincide with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism, but not always. Raynaud’s symptoms can be triggered by stress or high anxiety, in addition to cold exposure.